Juventus summary and goals

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01/06/2022 at 23:04 CET

Napoli resisted at the Allianz Stadium despite the long list of casualties and managed to score a very meritorious point against a Juventus in clear growth. Those from southern Italy were superior in the first half where they went ahead with a goal from Mertens, and after the break Chiesa achieved the tie that the locals deserved.




Szczesny; Square, De Ligt, Rugani, Sandro (De Sciglio, 75 ‘); McKennie, Locatelli, Rabiot (Bentancur, 66 ‘); Bernardeschi (Dybala, 66 ‘), Morata (Kean, 75’), Chiesa (Kulusevski, 81 ‘).


Ospina; Di Lorenzo, Rahmani, Jesus, Ghoulam; Demme, Lobotka (92 ‘), Zielinski; Politano (Elmas, 76 ‘), Mertens (Petagna, 88’), Inisgne.


0-1 M.23 Mertens. 1-1 M.54 Chiesa.


Simone Sozza. TA: Sandro (44 ‘), Dybala (97’) / Demme (87 ‘)


Allianz Stadium (20,000 spectators).

After a disappointing start to the season, Allegri has managed to grow the Juventus from the foundations, from the defense. They closed the bleeding back and the good results began to arrive. But the forwards of the Naples they were a real headache in the first part.

Distinguished, Mertens Y Neapolitan, with their usual mobility, they danced as they pleased to By Ligt Y Rugani, who were continually removed from position with the very high pressure exerted by Juve. Mertens he knew how to take advantage of the space behind his back and after a great action he scrambled in the area and scored to confirm the Neapolitan superiority in the first half.

A Juventus aimlessly barely managed to stretch with conductions of Chiesa, but with Morata very absent and Bernardeschi very erratic, the Italian winger was practically alone in the face of danger. After the break, the game turned and the ‘Vecchia Signora’ finally managed to take the reins of the match.

It was precisely Chiesa the scorer of the tying goal at the start of the second half. The improvement of Juve It translated into greater control but the occasions continued to arrive far apart in time. The Naples was gradually renouncing the attack and the party was dying with the inability to generate danger from the ‘bianconeri’ despite the changes and the entry of Dybala.

Despite the casualties, the Naples managed to resist in the Allianz Stadium and maintains the difference of five points with the Juventus, which is out of the Champions positions.

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