Juan José Origel, former driver of Hoy hospitalized in emergency

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Juan José Origel, former driver of Hoy hospitalized in emergency | Instagram

The state of health of the former host of the Hoy Program, Juan José Origel is not at its best! This is how Dael Quiroz from Arguende TV would make it known through said YouTube channel as he revealed that the television presenter would have been hospitalized of emergency.

According to the journalist known as El Arguenderito, Pepillo Origel would have been seen entering a wheelchair in a well-known hospital in the North of CDMX, this due to presenting serious lack of control in his blood pressure and anxiety crisis.

Quiroz assures that the alteration of the health of Juan Jose Origel It could be seriously related to the departure of not one, but three relatives in just one week, something that apparently took the famous man by surprise.

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The journalist indicated that the driver of Con Permiso and whoever was part of Hoy in the past lost two uncles and a nephew in the last week and that he even shared his enormous regret on social networks and condolences to his family.

Apparently it would be these strong news that altered the nerves and pressure of the beloved television presenter and would end up sending him to a hospital, meanwhile, his followers are waiting on social networks to learn more in detail what has happened to the health of the presenter.

Juan José Origel, former driver of Hoy hospitalized in an emergency. Photo: Instagram.

A few days ago Juan José Origel has been seen enjoying health on social networks and on television, so this news takes many by surprise; Not long ago, he was even showing off on Instagram how they applied a botox treatment to his face to reduce his expression lines.

In the images you could see that despite not being the first time that he underwent this treatment, Pepillo Origel was quite nervous and that he pressed an anti-stress ball that he had in his hand in each application.

The followers did not remain silent when assuring that the famous one should not abuse this type of treatment since he would end up as Lyn May and on one occasion he would have been compared to Irma Serrano.

Who was also having a bad time a couple of weeks ago and spent a good time in the hospital was the companion of Juan Jose Origel, Martha Figueroa, who apparently entered to remove a sleeve that would have been put on for weight reduction and apparently the doctors found a lot of serious problems in her intestines.

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