Juan de Dios Pantoja shows off Kima and Juanito in a photo

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Juan de Dios Pantoja touches social networks with his children | Instagram

Through one of the most tender photos the famous youtuber and husband of Kimberly loaiza known as La Lindura Mayor Juan de Dios Pantoja boasted to his children Kima and Juanito, precisely at the request of their pantojitas.

At every opportunity the interpreter of “Recuerdo” and “Katunga” is presented to show off in Photos He immediately takes advantage of his children and even his wife, thereby demonstrating the great love he feels for his family.

For Juan de Dios Pantoja The best thing that has happened to him in his life are his children, this is not a secret, since he has shared it himself in his videos.

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Even when challenging his wife about answering questions her fans asked, their response was always to choose their children over anyone else, including themselves as a couple.

Juan de Dios Pantoja, Kim and Juanito pantoja Loaiza | Instagram juandediospantoja

In this image, the musical artist was sharing some photos that his fans or little pantojitas as Juan de Dios tells them affectionately, decided to pamper them, because someone asked him “A photo of something very special” which for him is definitely his children, that is not even doubt it.

There were two photos that the businessman and former participant of “Así Se Baila” shared with Kim Loaiza, he appears in the first with his two children, one on each arm, without a doubt this is one of the many moving photos that he has shared of his small since they came to this world.

In the second image that by the way he shared in his Instagram stories, he had been asked for a photo of Juanito Pantoja Loaiza, he wanted to see him asleep and it is more than obvious that the little one looks extremely adorable.


Juan de Dios Pantoja as influencer

Being a famous influencer, Juan de Dios, like other Internet personalities, is adored by millions, but on certain occasions he is hated by a small segment that cannot intimidate him, it even seems that they motivate him to carry out more projects.

Today JD Pantoja also interpreter of “Otra Noche” has more than 21 million followers on his official Instagram account, he for his part follows 2,914 accounts and as for his publications to date he has 949 in total.

Regarding his stories, there is no estimate of the publications he has shared, although the youtuber, singer, influencer and businessman usually shares something new on a daily basis about certain activities and even about his family.

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