Jomari Goyso loudly accuses his mother of making him fatten with his food

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Jomari goyso shouting accuses his mother of making him fatten with his food… In his best style, the one that amuses us so much, the ‘Sal y Pimienta’ host accuses the woman who gave him his life of making him gain 14 pounds on vacation.

I can’t speak, I can’t speak! I’ve gained 14 pounds, 14 pounds!“, Jomari shouted in a funny video that you can see at the end of this article… It is that his mom’s delicious potato tortillas, his dad’s stews, and the huge tables next to his, left him a ‘gift’ that the balance discovered it.

Is that what did not imagine Jomari, who is in a stage of physical, mental and spiritual recovery, is that family love would return him with a little more weight than he usually feels more comfortable.

Sure, he immediately promised to take action and for that will use detox products from its Lia by Jomari Goyso line. Although it was a bit exaggerated, as he assured that the detox will consume him even to sleep.

Let us remember that before going on vacation and taking energy from the love of your family, Jomari underwent surgery to remove two lumps, one on his pectorals and one on his butt. It was on his podcast ‘Sin Rodeo’, where he made the great confession that led him to commit his life: taking steroids to build pronounced muscles with exercise.

For 10 years he was doing these cycles, until the thigh where he was injected wrongly became infected. One of his clients, who works in a hospital, saw it strange when sitting down and asked what was wrong with him? It began to be discovered why it was his possible direct path to a grave.

Vanity is going to kill us, it tells me a very sad thing about me“… He ended up in the hospital with an infection and a lump in one of his buttocks and a lump in his chest.. For over a year he decided to avoid the topic, but finally, when Jomari decided to go to the doctor heard the word that everyone is afraid of: “this could be cancer”.

Even if some studies confirmed that there were no malignant cells, the recommendation was to remove them. Three years after that recommendation, he traveled to Colombia to remove both packages.



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