Jenny Rivera, the “new” Selena? Chiquis discovers THEFT in her mother’s company: VIDEO

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With tears in the eyes, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, daughter of the late ‘Diva de la Banda’, announced that someone was stealing from her mother’s company; this after it became known that his sister Jacqie rivera She is the new director of Jenni Rivera’s companies.

Chiquis broke the silence and through a video posted on his account Instagram, spoke about the problems that are being experienced in the family nucleus by business and the millionaire inheritance left by the interpreter of ‘The Great Lady’.


You have to remember that it all started when a few months ago, Johnny rivera, requested an audit from his aunt Rosie rivera to know the management of this of his mother’s companies.

“Johnny (his younger brother) just wanted to know what was happening with the accounts, with his mother’s business, I think he had every right,” he said.

“What you wanted to do with this accounting is to know how much my mother left, how much was paid to Rosie, Juan, Rosie’s husband. We didn’t know anything. Jonnhy just had questions (…), he never said that Rosie was a We had never said we were a shoplifter, “he added.

“I just realized that a couple of years ago someone was stealing from Jenni Rivera Fashion, someone very close to Rosie, and Rosie knew it. She told my sister Jacqie at the time. How the money was paid Rosie. No I know how long, I still have to go see how much it was, it was like $ 80,000 that was stolen, because that’s what it was stolen from Jenni Rivera Fashion, “he said.

The daughter of the ‘Diva de la Banda’ added that the company’s accountant handled it as a loan, because at the end of it all, the money was returned.

“Maybe Rosie is not a shoplifter, maybe Rosie did not steal, but she was not honest, she did not tell my brothers what had happened and it is something that should be said to them because they are the inheritors,” he said.


In addition, he revealed that his uncles Rosie and Juan are asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars to separate them from his mother’s company.

“Rosie said ‘ok, I’m going, but I want 165 thousand dollars to go.’

Finally, she assured that her mother did her “a favor” by removing her from her will, since she had to work a lot more to get her things and her name and added that she does not want to have anything to do with that family.

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