Jennifer Lopez shares secret of her accentuated charms

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Jennifer Lopez, share the secret of their enormous charms | AP

For the millions of admirers of Jennifer Lopez finally meet the secret of her enormous later charms was something they had been waiting for a long time, because there is no person in the world who wouldn’t want to have a boom boom like that of the flirtatious actress.

Since her career began to take off in 1997 thanks to her starring role in the movie Selena, Jennifer Lopez She became quite a character because of this part of her body that millions of people have appreciated because it is voluminous, perfect and round.

Since she was only a young woman, she has flaunted this part of her body and that is what she is best known for, despite the fact that for her her abdomen is her favorite part of her body.

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There is an exercise routine that is ideal to have the booty of the current girlfriend of Ben Affleck the famous American director, actor and screenwriter.

If you want to have your huge charms Surely you will have to do these types of exercises, which by the way are not so heavy so there would be no problem with doing them constantly.

Jennifer Lopez has revealed part of her exercise routines | Instagram jlo

Secret to having the charms of Jennifer Lopez

Long ago, JLo, interpreter of the hit “On The Floor”, appeared in a photograph from the beach exercising, but it was not just any gym exercise, although in fact he was using an apparatus it was not something the most ostentatious, but it was extremely unusual.

This was a kind of climber that had been combined with a bicycle, which not only strengthened this part of her exquisite figure, it also did it with her legs, this curious device advanced with two wheels as you moved your legs when pressing them while simulating pedaling .

Practically what Jennifer Lopez He did was take a walk outside the house, so he had fun and relaxed while exercising and toning his body, there is no doubt that he always takes every opportunity to tone his exquisite silhouette.

Make your charms grow with a bicycle

In the event that you do not have a device of the type of the Diva of the Bronxs, because obviously it would not be a cheap sports gadget, you could achieve the same effect with a normal bicycle, you would only have to add weight, which is what helps. your muscles to develop.

By taking a bike ride wearing gaiters around your ankles it could help you not only to increase your posterior charms, just as JLo would also increase the muscle mass of your legs and calves.

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