Iván Redondo, the former head of the Cabinet of Sánchez, creates a political consultancy

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01/07/2022 at 19:10 CET


The one who was Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the Government of Pedro Sánchez until last July, Iván Redondo, has set up its own consulting firm, focused on advising managers in the development of communication campaigns.

As stated in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry (BORME), The company is called Redondo y Asociados Consultores Políticos y de Estrategia, whose only ‘supportive’ administrators are himself and his partner, Sandra Rudy, with a capital of 3,000 euros.

The The corporate purpose of the new company is the consultancy, advice and design of the strategy for managers and dashboards in their professional field, including ‘coaching’, image advice, strategic consulting and development of communication campaigns, as well as communication, advertising and public relations services.

As early as April 2009, Redondo founded his first limited company, called Redondo y Asociados Consultores Políticos y de Comunicación Limited Partnership, according to the Commercial Registry, although it was known as Redondo & Asociados Public Affairs Firm.

It was in September 2017 when Pedro Sánchez, who had not yet arrived at Moncloa – he would do so in May of the following year -, signed him up as an advisor, having nonetheless previously worked for him during the primaries of PSOE, that Sánchez won in May of that same year.

Until that moment, Iván Redondo was known for his role as advisor to the former president of the Junta de Extremadura Juan Antonio Monago, as well as for his collaboration with the ‘popular’ Xavier García-Albiol, when the then candidate for mayor of Badalona launched a controversial election campaign in 2007 in which he promised to “clean” Badalona of irregular immigrants.

Role in the Government of Sánchez

Degree in Humanities and Communication from the University of Deusto, He is specialized in Economic Information from the Complutense University of Madrid and in Directing Electoral Campaigns from George Washington University.

Before founding Redondo & Asociados, in Madrid, an office from which he advised large companies, companies, employers, associations, as well as different candidates, presidents and governments, tHe worked as a communication consultant in Llorente and Cuenca and was a communication advisor to the Office of the President of the National Nursing Union (SATSE).

In your first term, Pedro Sánchez appointed him director of the Cabinet of the Presidency, and also Secretary of the National Security Council, and in January 2020, after the United We Can coalition government was formed, he further expanded his functions.

So, Sánchez land commissioned to assume under his command all departments of assistance to the president, such as national, institutional and international affairs, communication with citizens, the general secretary of the Presidency, the General Directorate of Economic Affairs, the Department of National Security and the different units of analysis.

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