It is investigated if the castle of the accident of Mislata fulfilled the security

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01/06/2022 at 07:42 CET

Ignacio Cabanes

Investigations into the tragedy of the Mislata bouncy castle, which The life of an eight-year-old girl has been claimed and another of four is still in serious condition at the Clinical Hospital with a head injury, focus on determining if the accident caused by a strong gust of wind could be avoided and the degree of responsibility of the person in charge of the installation of the fair, as well as the possible subsidiary responsibility of the city council. For this, the Homicide group of the National Police and agents of the scientist returned yesterday to the fair space installed in the Plaza de la Libertad in Mislata, which on Tuesday afternoon became a place of nightmare for children and parents.

In the municipal reports it is specified that the aforementioned attraction, measuring 11 by 7.5 meters long, should be anchored to the ground or, failing that, held by counterweights on the ground.

According to the inspection carried out by the police officers, there are no signs that it was anchored by any type of ring to the ground, but it was held by ropes tied to counterweight elements such as sacks. When the investigations are concluded, the police will send the report to the Investigative Court number four of Mislata, who was on duty when the accident occurred. It will already be in court, and it does not seem that it will be a quick process, where it will be determined if the subjection was sufficient and complied with the regulations established or if the facts constitute a crime of reckless homicide.

As this newspaper has learned, it is the city councils themselves that prohibit the fairgrounds from drilling holes in the ground to permanently anchor their attractions and establish these counterweight elements as alternatives. This is where the ingenuity of each fairground player already enters to fix the castle to the ground. The other bouncy castle that was installed a few meters from the scene of the accident had a heavy trailer that prevented the wind from lifting it.

In any case, even if the fasteners were correct, a fact that the Mislata City Council defends, that afternoon gusts of wind of almost 60 kilometers per hour were reached in the city of Valencia and its periphery. Therefore, the investigations must also conclude whether the bouncy castles should have paralyzed their activity during the afternoon, since the regulations establish that they have to do so when gusts of 38 km / h are exceeded; or even if it was a punctual and unforeseen gust of wind that surprised the fairgrounds and attendees and that ended up causing a tragic accident.

According to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the gusts of wind exceeding 30 km / h began minutes before eight o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday in Valencia and reached their peak, about 60 km / h, at nine o’clock. the night. The accident occurred at 8.15 pm, when a dozen children were inside. In addition to the two seriously injured girls, one of whom died that same night, another seven minors were treated and transferred. In this sense, there were fairgrounds who closed their attractions that afternoon precisely because of the wind in other towns such as Torrent, at 7:45 p.m.

In line with what the mayor of Mislata had announced the night before, first thing in the morning of this Wednesday The Mislata City Council reported that it had made all the administrative documentation available to the National Police, in charge of the investigation. of the file on the installation “that certified the assembly of the fair attractions”.

This documentation includes the attraction annual inspection certificate, the final certificate of the facilities issued by a collegiate engineer provided by the company that manages the fair, the civil liability insurance, the declaration responsible for the activity, the project and the emergency plan. These documents are those established by the legislation that regulates the installation of this type of activity.

Likewise, on the night of the incident and after the wind blew away the bouncy castle, the Industry Technician from the Mislata City Council and the Local Police itself inspected the device and “always from prudence and in a first assessment” this Wednesday they explained that the inflatable “it met all the requirements established by law and was anchored accordingly“.” However, the police investigation will have to determine the facts, “they indicated.

Mislata decrees three days of mourning

After the death of the little girl this Wednesday morning, the Mislata City Council issued a statement in support of the family, in which it announced that decreed three days of mourning for the serious accident. “We convey our condolences to the family and friends of the girl who has lost her life, with only 8 years of age,” said the municipal text. “There are no words of consolation, a true drama. A very sad day for Mislata,” declared the mayor, Carlos Ferrnández Bielsa, through social networks. In parallel, the consistory announced the suspension of all municipal activities planned until Friday, inclusive, among which was the Three Wise Men parade, which had to be held yesterday afternoon, through two different delegates and in three itineraries . On the same night of the incident, Mayor Carlos Fernández Bielsa already ordered the closure of the fair, which will be inactive for the rest of the days that it was scheduled to open.

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