Interview with Juan Danilo Pérez: “I am always fully ready to assume that role”

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The Alazanes from Granma They achieved what was impossible for many decades ago by winning three of the last five National Series under the command of the experienced director. Carlos Martí Santos.

A very important role during the qualifying stage in the last National Classic was played by the native of Niquero. Juan Danilo Pérez Meriño, who coincidentally after having played five series still continues with his immaculate average of victories and defeats (9-0), which greatly influenced his work in the last season where he participated for the first time in the All-Star Game.

Granma’s right-hander Juan Danilo Pérez Meriño reached, this Sunday, five victories –without defeats- in the 60th National Baseball Series (SNB).

Pérez Meriño led the victory of the Alazanes, four runs to one, against Santiago de Cuba, during the match sealed yesterday by…

– Live Ball Program (@bolavivatv) October 18, 2020

His first steps in baseball were led by his coaches Idobel Céspedes and Vismar Salazar in his hometown, always with a great love for the sport of balls and strikes as his father taught him.

Juan began his passage in the National Series in season # 55 in which he only worked in four games, but of which the first relief of his career will always be recorded.

“It was a great emotion to be in my first preselection, to be able to hear and see my name on the official list for the event, it is a memory that I will never forget.”

“The first relief was in Camaguey, I came out without nerves and managed to do the job they told me to do despite hitting the first batter I faced.”

During the first part of the 60th National Series, the right-hander became the best interviewer of the Oriental team as evidenced by his 5 victories and the large number of innings he worked.

“The training was very strong to have good results, with the help of Professor Luís Ernesto (pitching coach of the Alazanes) we always do exercises to perfect the mistakes of years ago, which allows us to improve over the years, I think that was the key to obtaining that great result ”.

Due to these excellent records, Juan Danilo joined one of the teams in the All-Star Game of the 60th National Series, which was held in the City of Santiago de Cuba.

“One of the most beautiful moments I have had in my career, being able to be together with what is most worth and shines in our Baseball, along with all those sporting glories that I followed since I was little and others that my dad told me some stories about”

Despite only being present in the last teams in this province, the young Niquerean follower of the stellar pitcher from Santiago Norge Luís Vera has already been able to enjoy two National crowns together with the Alazanes.

“It is an impressive moment and you see the most important thing that has happened to me in my career, it is a real joy to see the party that is unleashed in the town, I have enjoyed all the titles but this last one was very special because I felt it as if it were Own”

The Granma team suffered a very sensitive loss last May in the Americas Pre-Olympic when the ace of its rotation Lázaro Blanco decided to disassociate himself from the Cuban Federation, in this way now many pitchers that make up the staff led by the coaches Ciro Silvino Licea and Luís Ernesto Escalona will have to assume another role within the team to achieve that large number of victories that Yara’s right provided each season.

“I am always fully ready to assume that role (as a starter), but the last word belongs to the team leadership led by Professor Carlos Martí, I am ready for whatever it takes to achieve the team’s goal”

The Alazanes receive a lot of support in each of their presentations at the Martyrs of Barbados in the City of Bayamo and the law does not forget them or those people who have always supported them in their sports career, which has as its main goal: long-term integrate the National Team.

“For the fans and fans of our Granma team, I wish you good health and happiness in this new year, I ask you to trust our team, we always go out to give the best of ourselves and this year we are going to go out on the field with the goal of defending and revalidate our National Title “.

“First of all I want to thank God for giving me the health and strength to continue each day forward, to my family that without them it would be nothing, thank you for your unconditional support, and finally to thank the different teachers and coaches, since all of them they have contributed so that I improve in each one of my outings ”.

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