In Despierta América the public chooses sides and they go with Chiquis. They destroy the pastor Rosie Rivera

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Chiquis Rivera is happy.

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Cheers and a lot of support is receiving Chiquis Rivera by the Univision audience, via Wake up America. The public of the famous Hispanic network is giving him their full support and throwing cheers for Chiquis. The word of Rosie, the family shepherd, seems to be falling on deaf ears and the fans are turning their backs on both her and her brother Juan, as has Lupillo Rivera himself, who is sheltering with his support to the children of his deceased sister: Chiquis, Mickey, Jacqie, Jenicka and Johnny.

The fans of Despierta América are speaking and answering the question that the program launched in the Sin Rollo section: Who would agree with #JenniRivera if she were alive?. So the public’s response.

“Well, I’m 💯 with little girl because that money belonged to her mother and now they, her children, are her heirs and have the right to claim their inheritance.”
“You are strong and a good sister Chiqus, God is always with you and your family 👏❤️😍 I admire you a lot, I am a # 1 fan of his mother.”
Jenny Rivera’s Kept Brothers. What a pity”.
“That they don’t pay them anything and they charged for their work, plus they stole, thank you, they didn’t stop in jail, grateful they should be because if it weren’t for Jeny’s money they wouldn’t have anything.”
“Bravo #chiquis”.
“A mother always protects her children.”
“To her children and I would be very proud of Chiquis.”
“Her children, she always said it, that she fucked for them, the inheritance is theirs, not for their brothers to live, they are not useful or to cause pity.”
“But he did come from work when he died, until his last day of life working for his children. It is good that Chiquis showed his face for the brothers ”.
“To Chiquis, Jenny in life said that the Chiquis was like a mother to her brothers! Chiquis continues to act like that mother and defends them! Everything Jenny Rivera did belongs to her children. ”

A small group, a sector of fans, do believe that in fact both Juan and Rosie Rivera deserve some type of compensation for the time they worked in the family business and about this they say: “The uncles deserve a settlement for the time of work and administration. ”.

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