In a coma after suffering a punch to the neck on New Year’s Eve in Valencia

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01/05/2022 at 13:51 CET

Ignacio Cabanes

Freddy B., a 32 year old man and Ecuadorian nationality, remains in a coma since last saturday after be attacked at the doors of a nightclub in Valencia during the New Years Eve party. Apparently, the victim was beaten by a still unidentified young man, who gave him a strong punch to the nape, which would have caused a brain hemorrhage. Initially, the injured man did not realize the severity of the injury he suffered and went home in a taxi. However, hours later, at his home, his mother found him unconscious and bleeding from the nose in the bathroom.

Due to the stroke The attacked man had to be rushed to the Hospital La Fe de València, where he was operated on that same day, January 1. Since then it continues in critical condition, in a coma, admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of said hospital.

The National Police are investigating what happened after the complaint filed in a Valencia police station by the victim’s mother. According to the information gathered by the family of the wounded man, that morning, around 6.40 am, Freddy had been attacked in a disco in Valencia for causes that are being investigated. Some sources point out that he could mediate an argument between a couple.

Although the aggression occurred once they were on the street, The researchers went this Tuesday morning to the disco where this first discussion would have started between a couple who was accompanied by a group of friends, who were “invited to leave” before they created more problems for the rest of the attendees.

Disco sources assure that at no time there was a fight inside the premises and that even the security of the establishment —two inside and three at the door— did not even realize that the incident had escalated once this group of people was outside.

In fact, until Monday afternoon the Police telephoned them during the first inquiries They did not know that a client had been attacked, much less that he was so serious.

The agents have reviewed the images of the security cameras, in which it is only seen at 6.40 a.m. how a security escorts a group of four boys and a girl to the door, two of them take their coats, and go to the street as if nothing had happened.

It was already in the street where the discussion would have continued, in which the victim allegedly mediated, who was hit on the back of the neck. The man lost consciousness but after recovering he left without being treated that morning. A friend passed him and saw him very strange, “as if he was gone”, before taking a taxi to go home.

At 10.15 am he entered the bathroom. Almost three-quarters of an hour later, when he did not come out, his mother opened the door and found him already unconscious.

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