“I’m sorry for everything that happened and I fully trust in Justice”

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01/06/2022 at 00:21 CET

Jaime Ferran

“I’m sorry for everything that happened and I fully trust the Justice. These were the only statements that the surgeon who operated on Sara, the woman who died after undergoing liposculpture in Cartagena, did this Wednesday after leaving the courts in the city of Cartagena.

His lawyers pointed out that what is being judged is “recklessness” for which his client has a “deep feeling of grief”. In addition, they highlighted that they have been silent until today “out of respect for Sara”.

The judge was waiting for him on Tuesday, but the doctor did not come because he was out “as a result of social pressure and continuous harassment of him and his surroundings,” according to his defense, who wanted to highlight that his client attended the summons on the first day skillful after receiving it. Likewise, they declared in accordance with the Precautionary measures for the withdrawal of passport, although they indicated that his client “is never going to escape from justice.”

The lawyers assured that the surgeon has the accredited qualification to operate. “If not, they would have denounced him for intrusion,” they explained, adding that “the discussions between the different professional associations or between plastics and aesthetics are unrelated” to this case.

In addition, they confirmed that their client he is receiving threats and graffiti has been done on his house.

On whether he operated “drugged or drunk”, as has been said in some forums, the defense of the doctor denies it exhaustively: “This is a hoax like so many that have been said”.

While these statements were being produced, relatives and friends of the deceased asked “justice for Sara” and rebuked the doctor: “We are not going to stop until they disqualify you.” “Justice is also a presumption of innocence. He only needs to be executed,” the lawyers added.

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