His mother had to be treated, she is very affected

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Jenni Rivera: Her mother had to be treated, she is very affected | INSTAGRAM

Just yesterday rumors began to appear and a great controversy within the family of the Rivera, so the mother of Jenni Rivera, the lady Rosa Saavedra had to receive medical attention and shared it through their social networks.

That’s right, it was through his Instagram where he was sharing this situation, all thanks to a controversy that broke out between his children and his granddaughter Chiquis Rivera, regarding the management of the companies left by the famous “Diva de la Banda”.

The lady thanked the doctors for helping her with treatments, assuring that he had to attend urgently, in addition to that he feels very sad but that he trusts God to give him peace and understanding with the situation he is living.

He also told us that he met a pastor that he considers cute, good and kind who is helping him too, words that Dona Rosa shared with her almost half a million followers.

According to the information, accusations made by Chiquis Rivera placeholder image they would point out that Rosie rivera, who managed his mother’s companies, concealed that in that company he was bringing money while she was in charge of the management of the business and also indicating that Juan Rivera had requested more money.

“I just realized that for a couple of years someone has been stealing from Jenni Rivera Fashion. Someone very close to Rosie and she knew it. As this money was paid, Rosie paid the money. But we still have to see how much it was, I think it was like $ 80,000 that was stolen because that was stolen, “he began by saying.

Rosa Rivera Instagram
Jenni Rivera’s mother thanked the doctors for their attention on her social networks.

“Maybe Rosie isn’t a shoplifter, maybe she didn’t steal there, but she wasn’t honest. He did not tell my brothers what had happened and it is something that should be said because they are the inheritors, “Chiquis assured in a video posted on his official Instagram.

Apparently the lady needs treatment and Instagram users came to wish her the best, that she recovers and of course to wish her that the situation in her family is restored and solved, they also asked her to feel good because her daughter would not have wanted that it was this way.

The family controversy has been unleashed, however, Rosie Rivera assures that she is not going to enter this “circus”, so she will not publish anything or Granada publicly, much less because it is a family matter.

Lupillo Rivera sided with Jenny Rivera’s children and so we will have to keep waiting to see what happens in this case.

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