‘Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts’: Emma Watson explains what was her favorite scene and the one she liked the least to shoot

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Emma Watson was in charge of giving life to one of the most important characters in the ‘Harry Potter’ saga: Hermione Granger. Over the more than ten years he spent shooting all eight films, he had ups and downs that led to him considering leaving the franchise. Fortunately, he decided to continue giving us great moments. She herself has her pick of the best and worst scenes, which she revealed in ‘Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts’ and which coincidentally coincide with two dances.

One moment when the public’s (and the characters’) view of Hermione took a turn was in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, when she appeared at the Yule Ball in a pink dress, making a triumphal entrance going down the stairs to meet Victor Krum, one of the Triwizard Tournament champions. However, the actress deeply hated shooting that scene: “I think for the first time, Harry and Ron, especially Ron, see Hermione as a young woman, not just that kind of companion that each of us has. I knew it was something. big, and I was miserable … I knew it was the moment when the duckling turned into a swan, that is, there was suddenly all this pressure. ” Part of this was due to the many directives from the director that I had to follow to achieve that effect: “Mike Newell trained me to go downstairs in the dress. ‘Your arms are swinging too much, you’re walking too fast, you have to walk more slowly”. He gave me a million different directions on how to get down the stairs and of course I fell down them“.

As for what excited Watson the most, we have one of the moments that were added even though they weren’t part of the book. It is about when she and Daniel Radcliffe dance in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1’, after Rupert Grint’s character left because he could no longer search for the Horcruxes. The two protagonists commented on it during the reunion, and the actress told her partner: “The scene that I thought was going to be really awkward, and that I wasn’t sure about, which was our dance, is now one of my favorite scenes from the entire series. Because the level of familiarity that you and I had with each other at the time, I don’t think I could have done a scene like that with any other actor. So many things were said in the scene, even if it wasn’t in words, I loved that. And also, in the same way as the characters, they managed to have a fun time. You and I had a fun time, which we also needed at that time. “

Novel vs. film

Precisely this second musical moment was included in the film with the motive of symbolizing the union between both characters, who grew up within the muggle world, but left it to become magicians. In the books, Harry does not try to console his friend after Ron’s departure, with whom we see how little by little he has a more special relationship. In this way, at least the protagonist manages to get a smile out of him.

In the case of the Yule Ball, the writers also made some changes. This is the case with the choice of pink for Hermione’s dress. In the original story it is blue, although they thought the other would favor Watson more.

‘Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts’, is available on HBO Max.

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