Germán Montero vs Eduin Caz: from SELLING sweets to SINGING in ‘La Arrolladora’ and ‘Grupo Firme’

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German Montero It’s one of the artists most loved by mexicans and it is that the fame that he gained with The Overwhelming Lemon Band, that resembles that of Eduin caz from Firm Group; turns out that both artists they ripped from below one from his native Sinaloa selling candy and another singing from the border.

It should be noted that during 2021 both artists were crowned in the taste of their fans, Eduin caz for him overwhelming success from Firm Group Y German Montero for his triumph in the program Master Chef Celebrity in Mexico, although they also have something that unites them and that is that they both started from the bottom.

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In the case of German Montero, sold chewing gums and candy in the trucks, from his native Sinaloa; that before deciding to become a famous singer.

“When he sold sweets in the trucks, there in Los Mochis, what I dreamed of was having an income to help my mother. So, since I was a child I learned to work. But inside of me I knew that one day I was going to be where I am now, in this industry.

My dream was to sing, really, to be on top of a stage and sing, “he said. Huntsman in Aztec TV

Later, Montero sold popsicles and later, the singer began to sell newspapers.

“My first trade was selling popsicles at a trolley. Then I started selling newspapers.

There was a lady who made bags of grated vegetables and I also sold vegetables through the houses; [fui bolero] say fat [a los zapatos] too. After I was a pizza delivery man“said the singer.

Eduin Caz, another star that shines with Grupo Firme

Today, the 27-year-old singer is one of the top representatives of the Mexican regional, as he has led the famous group to enter one of the most exclusive lists of the music industry: Billboard Hot 100.

It was the theme: “Already get over me“, Which was released last August, and already has little more than 100 thousand views in Youtube, so it was placed in the rank number 92.

And it is that throughout 10 years of career, Firm Group is going through one of its best stages, and the clear example of that is its vocalist Eduin caz, who has risen from poverty to luxury preserving humility.

This was the humble house of Eduin Caz

In recent years, the singer has had to deal with fame and fortune as he has consolidated his career as one of the maximum representatives of ranchera music through international level.

It should be noted that despite having several years in the medium, Firm Group skyrocketed in popularity until 2018 with singles like Ask me, The broken Y I swear to god, themes that led them to stand out in galas such as Youth Awards Y Ours.

Therefore, in recent months the amount of money that the group is pocketing in each of its presentations has been announced, since it is an approximate to the three million dollars by tour.

Eduin Caz’s house PHOTO YouTube

However, the life of its vocalist was not always like this, because today he enjoys the fortune that he did not have in his childhood.

The star was born in Culiacán, Sinaloa on July 30, 1994; His childhood and adolescence was spent with his family in a small property located in Otay, in Tijuana, Baja California, very close to the border between Mexico and USA

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