Galilea Montijo replaced? Producer de Hoy reveals it

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Today, Galilea Montijo, this is the future of “Guadalajara” reveals producer | Instagram

Will Galilea Montijo be replaced in Today? Andrea Rodríguez Doria would be questioned about it and dekó glimpse, some of the new changes that they have planned in the morning.

The presenter Galilea Montijo, originally from Guadalajara and born on June 5, 1973, has sparked a controversy over her alleged departure from Hoy, this, after her appearances are increasingly rare.

Given this, the “Televisa production company“, Andrea Rodríguez Doria was approached and spoke about the future of the program’s hosts, including Galilea Montijo, of whom she mentioned if she would remain during 2022 after a series of planned changes in the transmission.

Will Galilea Montijo leave the program this year?

The sister of the producer f! Nothing, Magda Rodríguez, Andrea, ruled out the program Todo para la Mujer, hosted by Maxime Woodside, that any of the seven conductors that today make up the production of the Hoy program, leave the broadcast at the beginning of this year .

Both Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, as Andrea Escalona, ​​Raúl Araiza, Paul Stanley, Tania Rincón and Andrea Legarreta would continue to be part of the program, as confirmed by the same producer.

Andrea Rodríguez Doria mentioned through the talk that he follows one of his mother’s advice to the letter, which is why he considers that the team of morning presenters should not have changes-

(2022) looks good. And my mom taught me that when something goes well it doesn’t have to change. So, the seven drivers that we have stay the same, said the producer in the radio space, who also advanced some changes in the program’s forum, which would now be in 360 ° format.

The “collaborator of variety and reality shows” Martha Galilea Montijo, 48, has participated in the broadcast of the Las Estrellas program for more than 14 years, and is also remembered for participating in others such as “Vida Tv”, “Little gigants“,” Make me laugh and you will be a millionaire “among many others.

The “girl tv“He has been the target of various controversies in recent months after his relationship with the Alvarez-Mont family, in addition to some alleged statements from a book by journalist Anabel Hernández:” Emma and the other ladies of n @ rco. ”

The publication maintains, among other celebrities, Galilea Montijo’s links with a former leader of a famous cartel, Arturo Beltrán Leyva, who lost his life in a confrontation with the Mexican Navy on December 16, 2009.

The Montijo“who will also act as “Mexican actress”, participating in soap operas such as “El Premio Mayor”, “Hasta que el oro nos sepapar” among others, would deny the statements through a video on Instagram, reiterating that it would be the last time that he would address this issue in front of the media.

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