Galilea Montijo is the woman in black and it rains on Instagram

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Galilea Montijo chooses a black outfit and unleashes reactions | Instagram

Galilea Montijo, has resumed the activity in Instagram In recent days, she recently appeared dressed all in black in an outfit that sparked several comments.

The “presenter“Galilea Montijo, appeared in a black look from head to toe, modeling standing outside, shown with all the attitude in front of the camera.

The “tapathy“, Martha Galilea Montijo, who was born on June 5, 1973, shared one of the most recent looks with which she appeared in the morning broadcast of Las Estrellas, where she has collaborated for more than 14 years.

The model From magazines like “H men”, she wears a black jacket with bright silver buttons, a black belt marks her waist and matching pants concealed the famous woman’s hips “Today’s driver“, to whom its 9.5 million subscribers did not hesitate to react.

Galilea Montijo chooses a black outfit and unleashes reactions. Photo: Instagram Capture

Some of the first reactions came from some of her colleagues, mainly Tania Rincón who commented: “The shoes” followed by an emoji of a heart face.

Ameeee all your outfit I want it, commented @tanializardomx

These messages were followed by many more from the admirers of the remembered host of “Vida Tv”, “Little gigants“,” Make me laugh and you will be a millionaire “, among many other productions.

Bellezaaa, Happy Three Kings Day my queen, Hermosisimaa, All asking the kings for toys and we ask to see you soon, You are the most beautiful, we love you, I love you, How beautiful, GODDESS, I love you so much “.

The snapshot was shared 19 hours ago from the account of the “businesswoman“of fashion, who accumulated a total of 52, 589 I like among which reactions are appreciated even from Consuelo Duval.

It is not the first time that “Gali“steals glances in a black outfit, the” collaborator of variety and reality shows “has shown on several occasions that dark clothes are some of the must-haves in her wardrobe.

The Montijo“Who on this occasion chose to wear his loose and straight hair, adorned with pins on the sides, would have unleashed a strong controversy several weeks ago over the issue of his wardrobe, which they claimed contained very expensive pieces, both in footwear, clothing and other accessories.

Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, who will appear in melodramas like “The Grand Prize“,” Loving you is my sin “,” The price of your love “, among others, would be the owner of a large collection of tennis only from prestigious brands.

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