Gal Gadot admits his version of “Imagine” was in very bad taste

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2020 was a difficult year for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic, an event that quickly changed everyone’s life. In mid-March, at that time, Gal Gadot brought together several Hollywood stars for a very special video in which we can see them singing “Imagine”, the John Lennon song, however, the material stands out not for being precisely emotional, but because of the embarrassment, irritation and discomfort that it generated among users of social networks. Now, through a new interview with InStyle, Gal He admits that that episode was not brilliant on his part.

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Worldwide known for her intervention in the saga of Fast and furious and for her portrayal in the DC Extended Universe as Wonder Woman, Gal gadot She has developed an enviable career in Hollywood, establishing herself as one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry. When the coronavirus pandemic began, the 36-year-old star launched a video through social networks in which along with Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornan, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams and other names, they interpret the famous Beatle song a cappella . Time has passed and Gal remember that event as unfortunate:

And with all the ‘Imagine’ controversy, it’s hilarious. I called Kristen [Wiig] And I said, ‘Listen, I want to do this.’ The pandemic happened in Europe and Israel before it got here [a los EE. UU.] In the same way. I was seeing where it was all headed. But [el video] it was premature. It was not the right time and it was not the right thing to do. It was in bad taste. All intentions were pure, but sometimes you miss the mark, right? I felt like I could lighten the weight of things so [el evento] it was a wonderful opportunity to do so.

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Gal gadot He recently triumphed on Netflix thanks to Red Alert – 63%, an original film by the company in which he stars alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. The film presents the story of a daring heist that brings together the best profiler in the FBI and two rival criminals; packed with action and humor, Red Notice became one of Netflix’s most-watched titles at the end of the year and further proof that movie theaters are not really necessary to guarantee the success of certain products.

On the other hand, Gal gadot will return as Diana Prince in the future. Wonder Woman – 92% and Wonder Woman 1984 – 76% are unmissable titles from the DC Extended Universe and we’ll have a third part by Patty Jenkins very soon. In addition, in recent days it has been commented that Gal will also have a special participation in The Flash, the next film in the saga, although this is a mere rumor and there is nothing confirmed by Warner Bros. According to IMDb , the film will hit theaters on November 4; for the third installment of Wonder Woman there is no release date.

Another of the following films by Gal gadot is Death on the Nile, adaptation of the homonymous novel written by Agatha Christie. In addition to the havoc caused by the pandemic to the film industry, this film was delayed due to the scandal starring Armie Hammer last year and in which he was linked to issues of cannibalism and gender-based violence. After a long wait, the title will hit the public on February 11, will it suffer a further delay or will it at least be successful?

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