Fournier, triple winner of RJ and bad vibes in the comeback of Madison Square Garden

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The Madison can with many things. It is also a place for magical moments, either because of its aura or because you are lucky enough to witness them without more, like the one that occurred on Thursday night between Knicks and Celtics. Many things happened, but the main one was the comeback of the locals to leave a little more at the foot of the horses to the greens, who not even their coach ignored that they threw away a 25-point advantage and that is not even the first or the second time they suffer something similar. Evan Fournier showed his FIBA ​​level by going to 41 points, his best mark in the NBA and that he has been there for 10 years, and Barrett was in charge of launching the shot with which the Knickerbockers unleashed the madness, a triple in the race and on the horn after having received the throw-in and being well defended by Tatum. A wonderful mess in which Ime Udoka’s team was once again the one who went home red-faced.

The Celtics coach again acted as Leader in the press room when expressing the following to try to get the team to react (either against him or against someone, but to react): “Again it was not the last play, it was what led us to it. We need leadership, someone to calm us down and not go crazy when things turn upside down. ” Also send a message to Brad Stevens and the top management now that the market closes approach: “The presence of such a profile, calm down, is really what we need right now.” The coach dismissed himself at ease explaining the defeat: “They went crazy when it wasn’t the end of the world. We still had a twelve-point lead, something comfortable, and they made it turn to nothing. We have to understand the timing and the score better. You can’t play the same way in the first and last quarters. It is not a training session, it is played differently. They must use their safe shot in situations where there is an open set against you and not keep running like headless chickens. ” . He sentenced with his diagnosis: “I think we lack the mental toughness to fight in hard times.” But if anyone believes that there were only bad vibes on one side, it is that they have not noticed Julius Randle, who was asked by journalists about the meaning of the gesture with the thumb down that he did to the stands during a meeting in which the public was booing his people for a long time, to which the power forward responded by being explicit: “Shut up your fucking mouth.”

The Knicks won with that final triple by RJ by 108-105 when before the break the score was 32-57. Alarming lack of containment of the Celtics, as their coach explained graphically, and another game in which the high score is worthless, in this case that of Jayson Tatum, one of their stars. The part of the second half was one of those who cannot be allowed: 61-42. New Yorkers are more physically recovered than a week or two ago, when the coronavirus hit them hard, and with this victory they even surpass their rival today in the Eastern Conference standings. Night of the specials in the most important pavilion.

A pair of 3s from Brown forced a first timeout from Thibodeau. The reaction was not extreme, on the contrary, they let the Celtics go. First little by little, in the first quarter, and then significantly, in the second period, without any reaction. The Celtics were having a good time, with flourishes from Schröder or one-legged shots from Tatum, who would imagine what would happen when they returned from the locker room. The partial was 14-0 and the public began to get into the game despite the fact that the local disadvantage was still substantial. Tatum and Smart momentarily stopped the reaction with two triples, but the magic came as if it were brought by the Magi. Twelve points between Fournier and Quickley dropped the difference on the scoreboard below ten and again they, each with a triple, put the Knicks to two when entering the last set. Equality from there. The Knicks went ahead in the decisive seconds, but a fault in Randle’s personnel and a Tatum basket left everything in a draw with lack of possession. In it there was a defensive exchange Brown-Tatum, the second raised his hand well against Barrett, who was the one who received the ball, and the shot entered on time without Boston explaining what had just happened. They had just wasted another game and had another loss in their backpack that they did not have. Pure NBA Christmas.

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