For years they had a Chinese vase as a decoration of their house without knowing that it was worth more than $ 160 thousand

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Recently, the British auction house Sworders Auctioneers managed to sell a Chinese vase more than 400 years old for $ 168,000, which belonged to a family that for years used it as a decorative element in their home.

According to information published by the Daily Mail, the cylindrical porcelain vessel dates from the 17th century, when China was ruled by the Kangxi Emperor (1661-1722), the fourth ruler of the last Chinese imperial Qing dynasty, and that in that time it was used by an artist to keep his brushes there.

In 1850, a British businessman who traded in oriental silk and porcelain along the Yangtze River, acquired the piece and brought it to the United Kingdom, where it passed into the hands of his descendants.

Yexue Li, head of sales for the Asian section of Sworders, explained to the media that on the surface of the cylindrical vessel was written a poem by the ancient poet Wang Bao, instructing a divine ruler to appoint wise and virtuous ministers. . “The pots for brushes with classical texts represent a key moment in the early history of the Qing dynasty,” said the expert.

In addition, he explained that objects of this type were once “the epitome of Western taste and were widely collected in Europe.” “More recently, it has become highly sought after in the Far East,” he added. Experts realized the value of the object, about 18 centimeters tall, when they discovered a similar example in the British Museum in London and another in the Palace Museum of the Forbidden City in Beijing.

“The prices of porcelain from the Kangxi period are extremely high at the moment,” said the expert, as the vase was sold for $ 214,000 although the family received $ 168,000.

The family also sold other high-value vessels brought from China by their predecessor, including one depicting the emperor in a meeting with officials, which sold for $ 29,500. In total, they made $ 270,000.

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