filling the tank costs 15 euros more

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01/07/2022 at 10:57 CET


The fuel prices has started the year by ending the downward trend with which it dismissed 2021, which led him to chain five consecutive falls in the final stretch of the year, after becoming more expensive in the first week of 2022 by 0.2%.

Specific, the average price of the gasoline has risen at the beginning of the year to 1,479 euros, which represents an increase of 0.2% compared to the 1,476 euros of last December 20, according to data from the European Union Oil Bulletin collected by Europa Press.

For its part, the average price of a liter of diesel It has been placed this week at 1,347 euros, also going up 0.22% compared to 1,344 euros in the week before Christmas, the last with data from the bulletin in 2021.

Thus, the price of fuel cut the downward spiral in which it had entered since the end of November and that led to gasoline and diesel to move away from the levels that had placed it on the verge of its all-time highs.

With this new rise, the filling of the tank this week starts 2022 being 23.3% more expensive than at the beginning of last year in the case of gasoline and 24.14% higher in the case of diesel.

Fill the deposit, up to 15 euros more expensive

A) Yes, filling an average 55-liter gas tank now costs around 81.3 euros, about 15.5 euros more than a year ago, while in the case of refueling with diesel it amounts to almost 74 euros, about 14.4 euros more than in the first week of 2021.

Despite these levels, the price of 95 unleaded gasoline is in Spain below the average of the European Union, located at 1,609 euros per liter, and in the euro zone, with an average price of 1,669 euros. In the case of diesel, something similar happens, since the price in the EU is 1,489 and 1,520 in the euro zone.

The lower level of final prices compared to neighboring countries is due to the fact that Spain, despite the VAT increases, higher taxes and levies on biodiesel, continues to have a lower tax burden, in general, than the average community.

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