El Chavo del Ocho and the Mexican Cinema de Oro decorate AIFA bathrooms

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The inauguration and start of commercial operations for the Felipe Ángeles International Airport are planned for March 21, 2022, by territorial extension it will be the largest airport in the State of Mexico and the third largest airport in the country (behind the International Airport of the Mexico City and Cancun International Airport). Now, the visit to the bathrooms will not be boring at all, since those responsible for the work set themselves the task of decorating these spaces with various themes, creating a unique and pleasant visual experience for users, and without a doubt we will soon see hundreds of selfies and photographs of this place on social networks.

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The engineers in charge of the design and construction of this new air base ensured that the 36 toilets in the terminal had a theme related to the traditions, history, places and outstanding characters of Mexican popular culture. The works carried out in these elementary pieces and that will be visited by thousands are not only simple pictures hanging on the wall, but each space has a special design and planned in detail, where creativity was unlimited and imagination took flight. .

If you ever visit this airport, and specifically the bathrooms, you will have many themes to choose from. Among the most prominent are those of the Mayan, Olmec, Aztec cultures, different national celebrations such as Independence, the Revolution and the Guelaguetza. The themes also address the aesthetics of Pueblos Mágicos, Teotihuacán, Castillo de Chapultepec, Xochimilco and Mexico City. Among the favorites so far, there are two, one dedicated to Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Chespirito, and another set in the era of the Mexican Golden Cinema.

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Part of the 36 themed bathrooms in the passenger terminal of the Felipe Ángeles International Airport. The themes range from pre-Columbian times to the golden times of Mexican cinema; characters like Chespirito and Cri-Cri, to magical towns and festivities. (1) pic.twitter.com/Q9G5hzDTXq

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Another detail that each bathroom has is that at the entrance, in addition to having a photo or a symbol to identify the theme, they are accompanied by a description or phrase as a complement. According to Milenio, the bathroom of the Mexican Gold Cinema, whose main image is the protagonists of They say I’m a womanizer, Pedro Infante and Sara García, have the following phrase printed on their ceilings:

As brilliant and unique as gold, it has made nationals and foreigners dream for so many generations. Legendary actresses and actors who reflected like a mirror the nuances and contrasts of our society; so enjoyable and endearing their performances; icons, figures and idols of our national cinema, from the 1930s to the 1950s.

The area dedicated to Chespirito It was decorated with elements of the iconic neighborhood of El Chavo del Ocho. This space has the stairs to go up to department 27, which were next to the emblematic barrel of the program. Above each mirror we can find the numbers of the most famous houses in the neighborhood, such as that of La Bruja del 71, or rather, Doña Cleotilde, also that of the home of Kiko and Doña Florinda, and of course that of La Chilindrina and Don Ramón, without leaving out the 8.

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