Eddie “The Eagle” the Olympic spirit par excellence

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Miguel Centeno

20 days ago SPORT newspaper organized the 4th edition of the Sports Values ​​Gala, a unique event that rewards athletes and sports fans who have best known how to transmit sporting and civic values ​​throughout the year. Is about a Gala that is not based on sports victories from different disciplines but goes further to disseminate those actions that elevate sport to its maximum social representation. And after four years the speech of the winners until today is very similar, work, commitment, tenacity, improvement, confidence, soul, sportsmanship, etc & mldr;

One of the awards given by the SPORT newspaper at the Gala was to “Olympic movement & rdquor; and as he said Lluís Mascaró (director of the newspaper SPORT) in his speech, The Olympics is an event where the most beautiful things in sport happen.

I tell you the story of overcoming that even Taron egerton made a movie that called “Eddie the Eagle & rdquor; that you cannot miss it.

Cover of the film that Taron Egerton took to the cinema “Eddie the Eagle & rdquor;

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We moved to the year 1988, in the Winter Olympics in Calgary, the only ski jumper in Great Britain in the 70 and 90 meter event, came last but became very famous for its history, this jumper is called Eddie edwards.

Eddie had a healthy obsession and it was to work hard, his goal was to become an Olympian and live in that moment. At the age of 12 he was playing soccer and a knee injury took him off the pitch, he was injured for two long years. In all that time he thought he could join the national ski team, Eddie was quite competent and worked hard and he made it a goal to participate in the Sarajevo Olympics 1984but failed, failed to qualify, and failed to join the national ski team.

Far from abandoning Eddie, he decided that perhaps he had a chance to go to the Calgary Olympics as a ski jumper, since there was no one from the British national team to qualify for this place.

Eddie was not put off by having to learn a new sport Because he had a great goal ahead of him, preparing for the most important competition of his life was not easy. Eddie toured the world took all kinds of odd jobs and could barely make ends meet. Even for lack of money for a room, he even had to stay in a psychiatric hospital in Finland, curiously in that hospital one of the coaches of the local team worked, at first he did not want to train him, he was myopic (his glasses were fogging up because of the height), he was overweight, he had no equipment, he had no funding, but again Eddie’s tenacity who worked very hard to achieve his goal.

He participated in 1987 at Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf in Bavaria, was ranked 55th. He returned home and while working one afternoon at home with his father putting on a cast, he received a phone call telling him confirmed qualification to compete in the ski jumping specialty of the 1988 Winter Olympics representing Great Britain.

The day came and I was already part of that Olympic spirit by participating in the Calgary Olympics, Eddie had already fulfilled his dream but he kept fighting, his best jump was 73.5 meters in the 90-meter test, he was the last in both disciplines both 70 and 90 meters.

His sporting attitude and perseverance despite defeats won the sympathy of the other competitors. It turned into a media celebrity and appeared on talk shows around the world.

At the closing ceremony, Juan Antonio Samaranch, then president of the IOC, said in the final speech of the Olympics: “In these Games some athletes have won gold medals, others have broken records and one has even flown like an eagle & rdquor ;. The president of the Coi could not follow the speech. Thousands of throats in the stadium screamed as one: “Eddie, Eddie!

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