DeFi project website disappears and leaves a trail of victims in Latin America

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A new decentralized finance project (DeFi) called Tedefi disappeared on Monday, January 3, leaving no trace other than hundreds of victims who believed in its proposal. The team, whose identities are unknown, promoted a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on Telegram, but their bot also vanished, along with all of their social media accounts.

Everything seems to indicate that there has been another carpet pull, as the type of theft is known in which the owners of a cryptocurrency project disappear, after taking money from users.

Tedefi had announced that it was in its first stage of development and, for the moment, It was only possible to buy and sell TEFI, the native token of its supposed blockchain. It promised to soon integrate new functions, as well as the possibility of making cryptocurrency withdrawals through Telegram.

The account in Telegram, where they operated, grew rapidly reaching almost 30,000 users and suddenly disappeared, on Monday, January 3. A few minutes later a user alerted on Twitter about the new rug pull.

The project also promised to reward its users with a very generous staking program, in the order of 500% annual profitability. His team may not want to arouse suspicion, as many decentralized exchanges in their early stages offer higher returns, 10,000% in some cases.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) TEFI token is traded on PancakeSwap and its value went from USD 0.20 to 0.009 in a few hours last Monday, according to data from poocoin.


The price of the Tefi token plummeted last Monday, losing 99.45 of its value in less than 24 hours. Source: poocoin.

Reviewing your website archive we found several questionable items, such as incomplete names of your alleged development team, as well as no location addresses or any business forms. On the other hand, doing a Google search only found what appears to be paid promotional items. Their social media and YouTube accounts were also terminated.

“Our intuition failed and now we are victims of scam”

Marcelo Haase is one of the TeDefi victims who today have joined to form a group on Telegram to which people constantly join. One of these groups has more than 300 people from all over the world, while another has more than 200 people.

The number of users who bought the token is unknown, but there are currently 626 addresses that own TEFI.

From Argentina, Marcelo told CriptoNoticias how many of those affected by Tedefi’s carpet pull have joined. They go to great lengths to track down suspected scammers. They’ve tracked down the project addresses and found that the funds were entered into Binance and sold.

“The issue is that the exchange does not give us data about the owner, so we are trying to file a complaint so that with a special order we can access the data,” said Haase.

Marcelo believes that his intuition failed and that is why he is now a victim of scam, although he says that he invested little compared to other people who for some time had bought the token, and now, their losses exceed $ 60,000.

“The problem is not how much I lost, but what we have all lost together. We want justice to be served so that people are not afraid to jump into the world of cryptocurrencies. Initially it made me noise that the TEFI token was not listed anywhere like CoinMarketCap or Coingecko, but then I thought that maybe that was because it was a new project, then the next day they had disappeared “.

Marcelo Haase, owner of TEFI token.

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