Daniella Chávez poses in fours with a sexy bunny costume

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Daniella Chávez poses like a bunny wearing a costume | Instagram

The flirtatious and voluptuous Chilean model Daniella Chávez has once again conquered her followers thanks to her new content on social networks, in which she appears posing with a striking bunny costume while posing is quite a compromising position.

This beauty has focused a little more on her Twitter account, where she continually shares spicy content, just as it happened with this new photograph.

This November 22 Daniella Chavez She revealed her later charms with an interesting outfit, consisting of a black lace garter belt, stockings that also had lace and a flirty bunny mask.

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Surely you will identify this costume as one that any playmate would use, so Daniella could not be the exception, it was something that without a doubt she could not pass up, this is not the first time that she publishes this type of content, she does it frequently and to her fans love to see her like this.

Daniella Chávez poses like a bunny wearing a costume | Instagram daniellachavezofficial

Although there are not many details around the model, it seems that she is semi-reclining on a bed of white sheets, her hips are raised and her torso close to the bed, so the pose in which she is could easily quicken the pulse of anyone who sees it.


Daniella Chavez It has become extremely popular on social networks, Internet users continually search for content from it that they can admire and immediately like it.

Every day I like you more Danielita, a very good photo “,” How beautiful your photo “,” I’m going towards your life “, some Internet users commented.

Despite the fact that several of his followers know that the model And a businesswoman is a woman with a partner, it seems that it doesn’t bother them at all, in fact her boyfriend is the one who has taken several photos and videos to publish them later, teamwork!

The photograph was shared very early in the morning, and now it already has more than 6 thousand likes, and among the comments we find some fans completely in love with its curves, especially now that it shows them with a few threads among their charms .

According to her profile on Twitter, Daniella mentions that in addition to being a model, she is also a singer, she has had the opportunity to appear 3 times on the cover of the famous Play Boy magazine, and is considered the most flirtatious Latina by the magazine.

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