Dakar 2022 – Possible suspension of the Dakar due to a terrorist attack!

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France is considering canceling the Dakar rally 2022 by the explosion of a vehicle belonging to one of the participants and that it could be linked to a terrorist attack. It happened on December 30 and the affected car was that of the French driver Philippe Boutron.

Speaking to the French channel BMF TV, Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Foreign Minister, assures: “Maybe it would be worth giving up this sporting event“And he adds:” The Dakar may have been the victim of a terrorist attack. “

“It is necessary to remain very alert. The organizers decided to maintain it and in this case it is necessary to be prudent,” he added.


Asked if he regrets the organization’s decision to keep the race, Le Drian said that “at least you have to put in place reinforced protection devices.”

“I think they have, but the question remains open,” he added, recalling that there have already been terrorist acts in Saudi Arabia against the French.


The vehicle of Boutron It exploded suddenly about 500 meters from the hotel where he was, when he was traveling with five other people.

The Saudi authorities described the events as an “accident”, while in France the Justice opened an investigation that the Antiterrorist Prosecutor’s Office has assumed.

A group of investigators will travel to the scene of the explosion to collect evidence.

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