Cynthia Rodríguez shows marked squares under her clothes

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Cynthia Rodríguez pulls up her blouse and shows a marked abdomen | Instagram

Cynthia Rodríguez reappears in a sports outfit from the Gym from her house and pulls up her blouse to show her markup abdomen.

The “singer“Cynthia Rodríguez, was featured in a video that she shared on her Instagram stories from which she appeared in black leggings and a dark blouse.

Cynthia Rodriguez, who today is one of the most popular celebrities on the platform is featured in a photo with various exercise equipment, the “Mexican presenter“dedicates several hours to exercise regardless of the day or time what she expressed through a video.

Domingo, and in this house he has already trained, says the “Venga la Alegría presenter” in one of the stories she shares on the social network.

Cynthia Rodríguez raises her blouse and shows a marked abdomen

The Denominated “Best dressed” of the week, Cynthia Rodriguez, has shown to be a faithful assiduous to the exercise, which she constantly puts into practice to obtain the results that her own shows “exacademic“.

Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz, who recently collaborated in Radio Awards, carried out a few weeks ago, the reason that led her to remain absent from the program, sparking various speculations.

The host of contests as “I want to sing!“sponsored by the” Venga la Alegría “program, he took advantage of a moment in the middle of his exercise routine to greet his 3.4 million followers.

The “Carlos Rivera’s girlfriend“, who in a recent broadcast wasted her incomparable beauty during the recent broadcast of the successful Tv Azteca program in which she collaborates, this, by appearing in a mini dress that she combined with flirty fantasy stockings.

The Denominated “Grupera Princess“She wore a tiny black satin dress, which she combined with a classic turquoise blazer with fancy stockings, a more discreet set of accessories and black stilettos.

It is worth mentioning that the “mexican youtuber“who in addition to becoming the” queen tik toker “with her colleague, Kristal Silva, is one of the favorites on social networks.

Day by day, the actress of “Educating Nina”, “Woman bought“and” A Corazón Abierto “, who also appeared in productions such as” Todo un Show “gains greater popularity both on and off the screens thanks to his charisma and beauty.

The stylized model Whoever will participate in La Academia, in addition to other contests such as Desafío de Estrellas 2 y 3, shows the key secret that leads her to keep her figure in very good condition.

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