Come La Alegría, Cynthia González’s days are numbered

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Cynthia González could be leaving Venga La Alegría soon | Instagram

Despite the popularity of the Venga La Alegría program, it does not mean that its hosts are precisely the favorites of the public, surely this happens with one of the hosts of the successful morning television program, since it is said that her days are numbered.

Without a doubt, TV Azteca has been gaining preferential ground among the public, because thanks to the reality shows and programs that it has in its programming, it has become more famous.

Among the successful programs we find Masterchef Celebrity, Survirvor México, Exatlón México, Come the joy and La Voz México, just to mention a few, however with the arrival of “I want to sing!” the popularity has grown exponentially.

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Although the audience level has always been high with the launch of this new program, it did not hesitate to increase immediately.

With the growing popularity of the Ajusto television station, measures had to be created so that this growth was even more accepted by viewers, so they decided to expand one of the most popular programs “Come the joy“but this was until the weekend.

Cynthia González could be leaving Venga La Alegría soon | Instagram vengalaalegriatv

Previously, Saturday and Sunday, the best of the week of the program was spent and now they present new content, having as conductors the celebrities who were born as a result of their popularity in the reality shows of TV Azteca precisely.

It was precisely a host who since she entered the program at the weekend, has been attracting the attention of the public and not exactly for the better.

Why is Cyntia González’s days numbered?

Although Cyntia Gonzalez She became one of the favorite personalities in their respective reality shows, we talked about Masterchef Mexico and Survivor Mexico later, the executives did not hesitate for a moment to give her the opportunity to be the host of the morning extension.

However, the fans of the program did not like their participation in it and there began to be several complaints, before a wake-up call the situation did not change anything so apparently the decision has been made that their departure is in January 2022 .

Who will replace Cyntia González at VLA?

It is worth mentioning that before making the decision for the host to leave the program, it was thought hard who would be the successor or successor with this important position, without a doubt it had to be someone charismatic and who would win the hearts of viewers immediately.

For this reason, the best option for this work was destined for Daniela Alexis, better known as “La Bebeshita”, who recently left Masterchef Celebrity, being one of the personalities that obtained the most affection from viewers with her participation.

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