Chiquis Rivera thanks her deceased mother for disinheriting her

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The controversies over the fortune left by the late singer Jenni Rivera do not stop. After the five children of the artist broke relations with their uncles Juan and Rosie, and the administration of the inheritance passed into the hands of one of their daughters: Jacqie, recriminations come and go.

Chiquis Rivera, the singer’s eldest daughter, has been the one who has spoken out in defense of her four brothers: Jenicka, Jacqie, Michael and Johnny, revealing the dark details of the actions of her two uncles in relation to the money left by her mother.

According to statements by the 36-year-old singer, her four brothers had to sign a confidentiality agreement for their aunt Rosie to agree to transfer the administration of Jenni Rivera’s inheritance to Jacqie, so they cannot refer to the issue. . “But I can speak, because I am not part of the will,” he clarified after emphasizing that he will defend his brothers at all costs.

The reason why Chiquis is not part of the will left by her mother is because before dying fatally in a plane crash in December 2012, the artist disinherited her eldest daughter, after having accused her of sleeping with her husband Esteban Loaíza.

“I lost my mother twice. She died on December 10, 2012. We all lost her that day. But on October 2, 2012 I lost my mother before everyone else. We both had a disagreement, many misunderstandings, many toxic voices around her at that moment and we did not speak to each other. She was a very strong woman and her lessons were usually very hard, ”Chiquis recounted on her Chiquis and Chill podcast.

According to the artist, Jenni Rivera cut off all kinds of relationships with her through an e-mail. “It was a very long and strong email. She said that she could finally see everything clearly and that she knew that I had been sleeping with her husband Esteban (…) I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t even finish reading the email ”, she explained.

This event marked Chiquis’s life and according to her own words, today she feels immensely grateful to her mother for having disinherited her.

“My mother did me a great favor for getting me out, I thank her very much, because that helped me work, helped me to fuck her, put something inside of me to say” I can, I’m going to show the world who my mother is and what that taught me, “he said in a video uploaded to his Instagram account.

Today Chiquis is a multifaceted businesswoman, singer and television host. Her successful ventures include her line of beauty products and the publication of several books about her life, as well as being the producer and host of the television program “Lo Mejor de Ti con Chiquis”.

The interpreter of “Anyone” regretted that the money and the companies that her mother left have been the reason for the family breakdown and that her uncles Rosie and Juan continue to ask for money.

“It makes me very sad for my mother, because she worked a lot, she screwed for a long time, she was not with us to work, and that it has come to this is very bastard,” he concluded.

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