Chiquis Rivera explodes against her family and claims that someone stole from them. Who was it?

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Chiquis Rivera could no longer bear to remain silent and, through a live on her Instagram account, told in great detail the reasons that led her to distance herself forever from her uncles Rosie and Juan, and from her maternal grandmother Doña Rosa.

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter began the broadcast by explaining that she felt obliged to speak out and defend her four siblings from all the bad comments that have been made about them, after the departure of her aunt Rosie Rivera as Executive Director of his mother’s companies.

“Before being an artist, I am a woman, I am a sister, I am a daughter, and certain comments that perhaps some of you have made about this whole circus hurt me, because yes, it is a circus. Sadly, my family has become a circus, it makes me sad, that’s why I didn’t want to make this bigger, because I’m ashamed, I feel sorry for others, everything that has been said, everything that has been done, is done to me. in very bad taste. Many things have been said about my brothers that I don’t like, that hurt me and I have to go out and speak for them, because now they cannot speak, they cannot say anything, “he explained, referring to the agreement that his four had to sign. siblings with their Aunt Rosie so that she would agree to withdraw from the administration of Jenni Rivera’s estate.

According to Chiquis, Rosie Rivera would have asked $ 85,000 in exchange for handing over control of the companies to Jaqie Rivera, and would have also made her brothers sign a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from referring to the situation, in addition to publishing a Communiqué in which Rosie Rivera was freed from all bad acting.

“Yesterday this statement came out with which I did not agree, but I said I do not want problems, we have to do it, … now they say that Johnny is ungrateful, and it hurts because they do not know the truth of things and how we have remained silent They can think many things but I am here to tell them the truth, “he said.

The 36-year-old singer said she recently learned that two years ago someone very close to her aunt Rosie was stealing from the Jenni Rivera Fashion company.

“Rosie knew, she told my sister Jacqie. According to Rosie she paid that money, I think it was like $ 80 thousand that was stolen, according to Rosie she paid it all. When my sister asked the accountant what they would do with it, he replied that they would pretend it was a loan, because the money was returned. But that was not good, “he said.

Chiquis regretted her aunt’s actions. “Maybe Rosie isn’t a shoplifter, maybe Rosie didn’t steal, but she wasn’t honest, she didn’t tell my brothers what had happened. This hurt me a lot, “he said after giving a direct clue as to who was the person who stole.

“Rosie said for years that she was no longer happy in this position (CEO), that it ruined her life, her marriage, and now I know why it ruined her marriage, you are very smart, or do I have to say whose name is it? Was he stealing the money? ”, he stressed.

On the other hand, she claimed that she did not agree to agree to give her aunt Rosie money to give up her position. “It is not right for me that Rosie is asking for money to leave, I told my brothers” I do not agree, do not give her anything, why? if he has already been paid ”.

Regarding the relationship with her grandmother “Doña Rosa”, Chiquis pointed out that they distanced themselves due to her comments. “My grandmother told me personally that we only wanted Jenni Rivera’s money and power, that in her opinion we had screwed up my mother’s legacy, and well, her opinion is, but I know my brothers. It is not the money, it is not the power, we did not want the money or the responsibility of having control of the businesses, “he explained.

The artist broke down on several occasions and stressed that she is tired of the actions of her uncles, anticipating that now her uncle Juan is asking them for more than 300 thousand dollars.

“If they are happy that they no longer have this responsibility, leave us alone, stop talking, focus on your business, my mother has already helped them enough, since they were little, I saw it, I gave money to Juan and Rosie, my Mom took care of them all their life, why do they want more? leave us alone, let us live our lives, let us work, stop asking, “he said after emphatically emphasizing that he does not consider that he should apologize to his aunt Rosie.” Who should apologize, us with them or they with us? ” , he pointed.

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