Brandon Ingram takes on the challenge of beating Warriors without Curry

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Kerr had warned him the night before and didn’t lie: Curry needed a break after coming in too badly and getting hit on the thigh. A small break, even if it is a match, will not hurt after the individual losing streak he is going through in the games after the record he took from Ray Allen. Although the strategy went wrong in that his team did not recover and gave this game in the state of Louisiana, there are others who cannot afford it. Brandon Ingram, after being absent due to another minor physical mishap, had a terrible 8/36 in the last two games, which were two losses, for the Pelicans. If this was to change trends, it was accomplished. The Kinston-born forward took care of all the work in his team’s attack and led Willie Green’s team to victory number 14 of the season, who took advantage of the rival star’s loss to snatch, albeit indirectly, the leadership of the conference.

The match, although it seemed controlled, was not resolved until the last minute. Free throws sentenced this 101-96 with which the evening was ended.

Ingram capitalized and left little to others. Valanciunas, who is being the second on board or sometimes even the first, looked tiny before the outbreak of his companion. The Lithuanian pivot stayed in a nondescript 2/6 in field shots even though he played 32 minutes. The rotation has changed again in that part of the Pelicans game and the injured party is, once again, Willy Hernangómez, who is again running out of play by betting the technical team on Hayes as a replacement for Valanciunas instead of him.. The Spaniard is on a points average that is only surpassed by his rookie year at the Knicks, but he still does not have the total confidence of his coach and is splashing the year with games playing and games watching.

The Warriors started better, with good combinations although they lacked the conductor. The bench pulled the team when the first substitutions occurred, with Lee as an example. A race action by another substitute, the Congolese Jonathan Kuminga, in which he constantly hit the ball against the board to gain the rebound and score a basket and the next, lowering the high pass of his teammate with a mate, they left the advantage of the Warriors above the ten (16-27, minute 14). There Ingram assumed responsibility, author of 32 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists, who started with a 2 + 1, followed with three baskets almost in a row, added a couple of free throws and hit the play in which the Pelicans got ahead before the break. The locals commanded in the second half, but were close to being traced when they had him tied up. They got ten up (94-84, minute 47) and between the five points in a row by Poole and another basket by Kuminga the Pelicans, who had a couple of errors controlling the ball as a result of rival pressure, had to row again. The 7/8 in free throws they signed in the last minute gave them this victory.

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