Bethe Correia to open academy and dreams of forming MMA champions

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Bethe will inaugurate the site with an aulão – Photo: Personal Archive

Former UFC bantamweight title contender and retired from MMA since October 2021, Bethe Correia begins a new stage in her professional life this Friday. The 38-year-old former athlete is going to open her academy, Team Correia, in the Bessa neighborhood, in João Pessoa, Paraíba.

Initially, Correia’s focus is on martial arts practitioners who do not pretend to be professionals, that is, they train for a hobby or for health. However, in a note with Combate, she confessed that she has short-term plans to invest, especially in women’s MMA and dreams of becoming champions in the modality.

Bethe named the academy with her last name – Photo: Personal Archive

«The academy will open commercially, with jiu-jitsu classes, Edelson (Silva) will bring boxing from Bahia, there will be Muay Thai and MMA fitness. I start with the administrative, commercial and urban part. I have a lot of plans. In the first place, the idea is to improve people’s health and quality of life, but I am doing a project to promote female MMA »explained the Brazilian.

And I add: «What I went through in sports was so difficult, I suffered so much, that I know what the athlete needs. People don’t understand anything about MMA. I want a team that gives them what I was missing. It’s very difficult for women, people don’t recognize it, they think it’s easy.

“Brazil has a lot of wasted talent, there is no support, there is no guidance. Brazilians use their willpower. I want to create a different style of classes for women. MMA is a sport of real life, of war », full.

Bethe says the desire to open her own gym wasn’t something that was always on her radar. She says the idea matured as her time as a fighter passed.

Finally when asked if she can rethink her retirement, as happens with many fighters, Bethe Correia assured that her story inside the Octagon is over. However, he does not rule out venturing into another modality, such as boxing without gloves, for example. I cannot tell you that I will never fight again. There’s barefoot boxing, jiu-jitsu, who knows, maybe it makes me want to. But I definitely hung up my gloves on MMA », Hill.


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