Belinda, her look spells like a mermaid in a litmus look

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Belinda, her sweet gaze is captured with a litmus look | Instagram

Belinda looked like a beautiful mermaid with a flirty outfit in a photo that appears on Instagram, the remembered one “former judge of La Voz“Did you leave all your fans unable to breathe?

The singer Spanish, Belinda, who was born on August 15, 1992, constantly surprises everyone and one of her various postcards was no exception.

The “naturalized mexican“He was inspired by the beauty of mermaids to appear in one of his appearances in singing reality shows and that is how he conquered the Instagram platform where to date he has already added 14.5 million subscribers.

Belinda, in a shimmering look and glitter, is the mermaid of pop. Photo: Instagram Capture.

The muse of the “belifans“he frames a postcard with all its beauty in which he wears an iridescent set, surrounded by multi-colored stones.

Belinda she reappeared in one of the various postcards that circulate on the fan page inspired by the remembered child actress who debuted at age ten in productions such as “Amigos x Siempre” (2000), “Aventuras en el tiempo” (2001) “Complices to the rescue “(2002), the same ones that catapulted his career.

The “composer”, “pianist”, “producer”, “influencer”, “philanthropist” are some of the facets that Belinda Peregrín Schüll has developed throughout her career.

The Christian Nodal’s fiancee, accumulated a total of 1,248 likes in the snapshot in addition to various comments.

Beautiful My Beli, Beautiful, Beautiful !! Love you, You look how beautiful you are, My beautiful Beli, How beautiful you are Beli, may God always take care of you, I love her.

These were some of the reactions for the “Netflix actress“, Belinda Peregrín, who will resume her past facet in” Welcome to Eden “series in which she was invited to record during 2020 and from which she will return to Spain to resume production of a second season.

The “businesswoman“, who has revealed her biggest beauty secret on several occasions linking the benefits of consuming a product such as collagen, which she has also launched in various presentations, was quickly the target of reactions from her Belifans.

It should be said that the “model“Who has appeared on the covers of various publications, has become a phenomenon in expansion and after announcing his commitment to the regional musician, on May 25.

The “Princess of Latin Pop”, keeps her followers in suspense to know more details of what will be her next wedding, the same as Los Nodeli, they assured the magazine Who, they are already preparing.

It should be remembered that recently, Belinda, who became a “video clip director”, received a valuable jewel from Christian Nodal valued at more than 3 million dollars (about 60 million Mexican pesos), as a symbol of her commitment.

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