Belinda from the sea, luxurious garment adorns her back

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Belinda is showered with praise for her flirtatious look at sea | Instagram

Belinda reappears in one of the postcards from the sea in which she showed off a luxurious garment that adorned her back and unleashed a shower of praise: “Santa Belinda“.

The “singer“Born in Madrid on August 15, 1992, Belinda was featured in one of the new photos she shared from her Instagram account where she captivates more and more followers with 14.5 million subscribers.

From the shore of the beach, Belinda, reappears in a photo in which she is shown from behind with a flirty beach outfit that revealed a well-known clothing brand.

The “Christian Nodal’s fiancee“, began this new year, from the sea, where he went to fill himself with energy in this new” 2022 “, as described in the image he published 18 hours ago from his official account.

The famous “influencer“, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, who has ventured into various facets from” composer “,” pianist “,” producer “” video clip director “,” philanthropist “, among many others accumulated a total of 404. 079 I like it, among many others comments.

“Beautiful doll, Beautiful as always Beli, If the people in your circle do not inspire you then you do not have a circle, you have a cage. (I have better writings you will not regret it), Bella, Bella, I love you princess, God.”


Belinda is showered with praise for her flirtatious look at sea. Photo: Instagram Capture

The “businesswoman“, who has revealed her biggest beauty secret on several occasions, linking the benefits of consuming a product like collagen, which she has also launched in various presentations, was quickly the target of reactions from her” belifans “.

It should be said that the “model“Who has appeared on the covers of magazines such as Glamor, Esquire, Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Caras etc., has become a phenomenon in expansion and after announcing his commitment to the regional musician, Christian Nodal on May 25 , attention has focused on the Spanish in recent years.

The “Princess of Latin Pop“Belinda Peregrín, keeps her followers in suspense to know more details of what will be her next wedding, and it was” Los Nodeli “(as users affectionately nicknamed them) who, assured the magazine Who during an exclusive, are preparing what will be a great event.

It should be remembered that recently, Peregrín Schüll, who became a “video clip director”, received a valuable jewel from Christian Nodal valued at more than 3 million dollars (around 60 million Mexican pesos), as a symbol of his commitment.

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