Australia Open will enter the world of NFTs! What’s next now?

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Before the next Australia Open event, the organizers are entering the digital world to interact with the non-fungible tokens. In this way, the tennis tournament will present a virtual section where fans can obtain prizes and purchases of representative chips.

Tennis and decentralization

The initiative for the organization to engage with the world of digital assets has been presented. This, while an event arrives where the non-fungible tokens are part of it.

While waiting for the next Australia Open meeting, the organizers made recent announcements regarding the blockchain. They intend to involve tennis in the Metaverse by minting representative tokens for the upcoming tournament.

In this way, some 6,776 tokens would give life to the project of combining the event with the digital world. Each will be linked to a reduced part or “parcel” of the track.

The creation of these files will come together with a virtual section of the same event, alluding to the continuous interaction that will take place with the Metaverse. For this purpose, the partnership with the developer platform Decentraland was announced.

At the time of the tennis matches, the points that correspond to a victory will be represented by an NFT of the minted tokens. The owner of the token will receive with it the ball that starred in the play.

Regarding the link, it may be specified with the same technology used on the track to determine the points scored in the games.

Event development

Throughout the next meeting, Decentraland will carry out all the necessary logistics in the virtual competitive environment.

The organizers clarified that the participating users of the digital field will have constant challenges and rewards with prizes included. For this, another platform, Run It Wild, joined the team.

In addition to this, each tennis ball used in the tournament will have a unique customization, with particular designs that will be delivered to the fans. Ridley Plummer, head of planning, was supportive of the initiative, noting that it has “gone too deep” on the project.

In accordance with the arrival of the digital event, he said that users would experience “a warm Australian summer atmosphere” through the virtual medium on their computers. This position is issued while the ravages of the Coronavirus continue to prevent the full resumption of face-to-face activities.

On the other hand, Plummer applauded the Australia Open’s commitment to the new feature. “We have always been known as one of the most innovative and entertaining events,” he said.

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