Australia cancels the visa of another tennis player amid controversy with Djokovic

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01/07/2022 at 12:08 CET

Australian authorities have canceled the visa to the czech tennis player Renata Vorácová, that he will have to return to his country, reported the public network ABC, in the middle of the controversy for the decision to revoke the entry permit to Serbian Novak Djokovic.

A source from the border control authority confirmed the measure to ABC despite the fact that the tennis player was already in the country and had disputed a preparation match prior to the Australian Open. Vorácová, detained on Thursday and of whom it is unknown if she will appeal the decision, was transferred to the same Melbourne hotel where Djokovic is being held by immigration authorities.

The permit issued by Tennis Australia, revoked by the authorities of the country

According to the media, the Czech, 38, entered Australia in December on a medical exemption from Tennis Australia, tournament organizers, as they would have recently recovered from covid-19. But nevertheless, Australian authorities indicated that this argument was not valid to obtain a special permit to enter the country, where they have been applied tough measures to tackle the pandemic.

Djokovic awaits the verdict withheld in a Melbourne hotel

For his part Djokovic, who arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday night also with a medical exemption that allowed him to defend his title at the Australian Open without being vaccinated, awaits the hearing scheduled for Monday by a Melbourne court to hear the arguments of your appeal to the measure.

Australia requires you to be vaccinated to enter the country, although there are temporary exemptions

The vaccine is mandatory to enter Australia, but there are temporary exemptions for people who have “a serious medical condition”, who cannot be vaccinated because they have contracted COVID-19 in the previous six months or have had an adverse reaction to the drug, among other reasons.

The ‘NO’ to Djokovic has caused diplomatic tensions between Australia and Serbia

Djokovic’s visa revocation has created diplomatic tensions between Australia and Serbia, whose president denounces the harassment of the athlete, while the oceanic country defends that no exceptions be made when applying border laws.

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