Astral Chart: How to read the ascending and descending houses?

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Astrology has recently taken on a very important role in the lives of people who are increasingly interested in knowing what the future holds for them; besides knowing your Daily horoscope it is important that you understand astral or natal chart.

The Astral chart It is the one that will determine your personality: how you act, think and behave in the world, as well as the future development of your life in aspects related to love, health, money and work.

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Know the place and exact time of your birth It will be the basis for interpreting the birth chart, which is nothing other than how the planets were located at the exact moment of an individual’s birth.


In the astral chart, you can see the different zodiacal signs that influence the personality of each individual; from the solar, lunar, ascendant, Venus and other planets signs, to the houses in which they are found.

Understanding and interpreting it can be a bit difficult, especially if you are new to the world of zodiac, so here we explain how to read the ascending and descending houses of your birth chart.

What is a house?

The twelve sectors into which the zodiac is divided at a certain time and place are called houses. It is ordered counterclockwise starting with the sign of the ascendant.

The birth chart is divided into twelve houses, which start on the ascendant, also indicated as house number one.


What does each house represent?

First House: Represents innate behaviors, speaks of physical appearance, character, temperament. As we know this house, we can control our inclinations.
Second House: Express material values. The money, the gains, the losses, The belongings, the goods, the acquisitions.
Third House: It is the home of siblings, cousins, neighbors, school education, communications, travel, the mind.
Fourth House: It represents the home, the family, the real estate, the real estate and the cyclical end of things.
The fifth house: It is the home of creativity, of pleasures and therefore of children, games of chance, sports, romances, people we like, the pedagogical trend, clothing.
Sixth House: It is the home of health, hygiene, food, service, servitude and subordinates, domestic animals. Here the relationship of the individual with his peers and how he is able to command them is linked.
Seventh House: It is the house of associations and partners, marriage, the physical appearance of the couple, the characteristics of the spouse, relations with society, contracts, processes.
Eighth House: It is one of the houses linked to death and its consequences. That is, inheritances, pensions, insurance and any other type of manifestation linked to deaths.
Ninth House: It is the house of ideals, spirituality, higher studies, abstract mind, religion, spiritual guides, law, philosophy. In it, the individual performs introspection processes for improvement or defeat.
Tenth House: It is that of career, profession, dignity and glory. Also, it represents the ambitions and the successes obtained. It is called the mother’s house.
Eleventh House: It expresses the prizes, benefits and fortunes of the race.
Twelfth House: It is the house of trials and limitations, the hidden life, the secrets, the sacrifices, the exile, the loss of freedom, the renunciation, the hidden practices or works, the mystical life, the delinquency.

Parts of the astral charts (Internet)

How to read the houses?

The Up / Down axis represents two sides of the same coin. That is, together, they represent our astral personality. In astrology, this concept helps us understand that we have two sides; the way we see ourselves and the way others see us.

The Ascendant begins in the First House, the House where the “I” lives, our most intimate being. It corresponds to the way we see ourselves, our own image and all that we are.

The Descendant, on the other hand, initiates the Seventh House, the House that governs relationships. It is the opposite of your Ascendant. The sign located on the opposite axis in your birth chart. It is what we think we are not.

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