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With the entire industry focused on folding phone manufacturing, the last major company to enter that niche is Apple. The reason could be that they do not believe much in these types of designs.

We have talked a lot about Apple’s efforts to revolutionize the technology sector, with augmented reality glasses being its next great revolution (which we should see for the first time this year).

But they also have other fronts open, such as folding phones, the current trend for almost any brand that wants to stand out and position itself as a high-level company.

And after the recent announcements from Honor and OPPO, Apple feels they are on the ropes: they only remain without a folding smartphone.

2/3 There are also concerns as to whether foldable smartphones will continue to have a place in the market or will fall into obsolescence. Therefore, Apple is intent on carefully observing the market and improving upon the mistakes of their competitors.

– Dylan (@dylandkt) January 6, 2022

Now, and thanks to a series of tweets from @dylandkt, we have been able to know that The company has designed multiple prototypes of its foldable iPhone, which are still in the testing process.

But this does not necessarily mean that we will see the launch of a foldable iPhone 14 this year.

The new iPhone 13 includes an OLED screen, the new A15 Bionic processor, a larger battery capacity and 2 12 megapixel cameras with 47% more low light performance.

This is because, according to the tweet, Apple remains slightly skeptical and cautious when it comes to embracing the foldable design.

The reason is that they are not sure if the trend of folding smartphones is here to stay or if it will eventually cease to be a trend, something like phones with glasses-free 3D displays finally stopped being popular.

The Apple M1 processor has two older brothers that surpass its performance in all. What do they contribute?

The tweet also says that Apple wants to make sure that if they adopt a new form factor, like a foldable, it won’t be a regression from the current form factor, which means it should be better and not worse (As it happened with the first folding that were very little recommended).

Apple is known for taking its time embracing certain features, so this move should come as no surprise. We’ll see what Apple surprises us with this year.

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