Ángela Aguilar starts the year as ‘La Doña’ and shows her waist: PHOTOS

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Since her birth, Ángela has always carried on her shoulders the legacy that the Aguilar family brings from several years within the cinema and music, as she has honored the surname of her predecessors.

Despite being born in the United States, the young singer has always expressed how proud she is of her Mexican roots and her love for culture and ranchero music.

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And it is that at her young age, the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty has known very well to make a real path for herself, to the degree of being a true star of international stature.

The singer has internationalized her artistic career beyond the Mexican and American borders, as she has positioned herself as a worthy representative of the rancheras.

But since the end of 2021, the young woman has made it very clear that she is going through a true transition and maturity, both musical and personal, and has started with her appearance.

The star has shown that at her young age she is a complete artist due to how well she can interpret different musical genres, since she has already dabbled in pop.

And it is that through his InstaStories he has shown his true taste for the urban genre, so his followers have asked him to do some collaboration with reggaeton singers.

What has become very clear is that this transformation has been marked in the beginning by a drastic physical change, since he has put aside his short hair and now boasts long dark hair.

Like a true superstar, Pepe Aguilar’s junior sheet has surprised all his followers by sharing that he already has long, wavy hair below the waist.

This change marked the end of a childhood era and the true beginning of a star of international stature, as thousands of fans already demand the new songs to start 2022.

The new diva

And it is that many of her followers have dared to assure that the young singer has even made some aesthetic arrangement very much in the style of Kylie Jenner, because they assure that she wears much thicker lips.

What is a fact is that the young woman continues to surprise all her followers with her new postcards in which she wishes all her followers a new year.

The 18-year-old star has raised suspicions of a cosmetic operation. Photo: IG / angela_aguilar_

In the images you can see the interpreter of “Tell me how you want” with a rather country look with jeans and a colorful hat, but who continues to star in her images in her long hair.

As expected, the images exceeded 500 thousand likes and thousands of comments from his followers who applaud this new look that suits him quite well.

And it is that her hair has given her a more mature, and even sensual touch, because her short hair gave her a more angelic and even youthful look as many fans miss her.

The singer looks too much like the Mexican Diva. Photo: Twitter / IG / angela_aguilar_

What is a fact is that his followers have shared how much his new look resembles the “Doña”, María Felix, in addition to her statuesque figure and beautiful voice.

Her followers have shared on more than one occasion that at her young age she is already beginning to follow in the footsteps of the famous Marñía Feliz, and not only for her beauty but also for her talent.

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