Angela Aguilar could fall in love with famous Italian singer

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Ángela Aguilar could be excited about a famous singer | Instagram

Recently the young and successful singer of the Mexican regional Angela Aguilar, considered the princess of Mexican music, looked a bit nervous when she was with a famous singer of Italian origin, could it be that it has aroused more than admiration in her?

Since he started his career Angela Aguilar He has excelled in the Mexican regional genre, his family belongs to one of the most famous in Mexico, he surely has a strong responsibility to always excel in music.

Which is honestly more than simple for this beautiful singer, because her music is adored by millions, the number of reproduction is extremely high, not for nothing they gave her the nickname as the princess of Mexican music.

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Ángela Aguilar achieved all this before reaching the age of majority in Mexico, a few weeks ago she turned 18 years old, and although she had been questioning about her love life for a long time, it seems that there is a possibility that she has arrived someone who causes more than just blush.

Ángela Aguilar could be excited about a famous singer | Instagram angela_aguilar_

As you well know, the interpreter of “La Llorona” had a participation in the Latin Grammy awards a couple of days ago, gave a whole show with one of her songs and also presented herself as one of the hostings of the event presenting one of the categories.

His appearance was not made alone, usually two presenters are accompanied for each category and Angela did it with Matteo Bocelli, perhaps his surname seems familiar to you, he is the son of Andrea Bocelli, the famous opera singer of Italian origin.

Nevertheless Angela Aguilar She didn’t get nervous with Matteo, he was actually another personality a few years older than her, we were talking about the singer-songwriter and poet Joaquin Sabina one of the greatest representatives of romantic music.

The singer revealed that she became extremely nervous and even turned red when she was next to this music icon, she even stated that her hands began to sweat because Sabina is someone imposing and with whom millions would want to shake her hand for a few seconds only.

In several of his publications we have seen that he shares some phrases of the famous interpreter of “Who has stolen the month of April”, so you can already conclude that he is one of his favorite idols and singers so the opportunity to meet him was impressive, even for her.

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