Andrew Garfield reveals he went with Tobey Maguire to see Spider-Man: No Road Home

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After months of denying his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home in each interview – 92%, Andrew Garfield finally starts talking about the project. As the sequel continues its successful tour of the world billboard, fans are on the lookout for any news about the film and the character’s next steps in the MCU. Since the premiere, the public also began to ask Sony for new deliveries of the previous versions of Spider-Man and in what the production company responds about that, both Garfield and Tobey Maguire are well enjoying this moment that let them return as the hero, but also allowed them to enjoy themselves as fans.

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Since Andrew Garfield was cast to star in The Amazing Spider-Man – 73% the actor was known to be a huge fan of the character. Although his chemistry with Emma Stone, who played Gwen Stacy, was a point that connected with the audience, this version was not widely accepted at the time. Rather than continue working to shape this new approach, Sony was quick to copy what was done by the MCU and The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electro Menace – 52% resulted in a major failure due to its excess of characters and little narrative development. . Some time later it was confirmed that the sequels that already had the green light would be canceled and that the character would have a reboot that was left in the hands of Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War – 90%.

The also protagonist of Tick, Tick … Boom! – 93% have talked a lot about the disappointment of the whole thing and how the bitter experience helped them to be more careful about the decisions they make for their career. It is true that over time the fans have softened with their version of Spidey, but it was thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home who genuinely gave him a second chance and managed to differentiate his work from the poor quality of the scripts he had to work with.

For months, the actor denied any involvement in the film, but now he can finally speak freely about it. Garfield has revealed some details about the filming such as the impromptu moments, the reasons for returning to this role, and why the story gave him the opportunity to heal his relationship with the character. Now he also tells what it was like to see the film as just another spectator.

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During a chat with Entertainment Tonight, the actor also revealed that he went to the cinema to see the film during its premiere in the company of Tobey Maguire:

I still can’t believe it happened. I snuck out to the movies on opening night and just saw her wearing my baseball cap and face mask. In fact, she was also with Tobey. Tobey and I sneaked out to the movies together and no one knew we were there. It was a very beautiful thing to share together.

Garfield also explained that as a Spider-Man fan he is also aware of the movies so when he was first brought up about the idea that part of him was the one that excited him the most, and became one of the reasons for accepting the idea. paper:

First of all, I’m a fan, so when Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige and Jon Watts asked to speak to me and they talked to me about the idea, and they offered it, it was like I was a fan in the audience, looking at it for the first time on screen. with the three Spider-Men through the universes sharing the scene together. And your head, your little head, it just explodes. So that’s what I mostly feel.

Now that his version of Spider-Man is reassessed and his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home became the favorite of the public, Andrew Garfield he knows that the next question in this regard will be whether or not he would bring the hero back to life. A movement has been shared on social networks for Sony to develop The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and there are already rumors that he will have a participation in Morbius, but for the actor the most important thing is if the story truly has a reason to exist for the public. Garfield does not close the doors to the possibility, but explains that it would have to be something as exciting as this latest installment.

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