Anastasia Kvitko shows off her tanned bum bum by the pool

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Anastasia Kvitko shows off the perfect bum bum and tan | Instagram

For years for the Russian model Anastasia Kvitko showing off her body has not been a problem, especially to pamper her fans on her official Instagram account, in a Photo appeared with a small swimsuit showing off her bum bum tan.

The body of this famous model born in Kaliningrad, Russia has become an object of desire for millions of Internet users, as proof of this she usually has thousands and even millions of likes in her publications, especially when she appears in Swimwear.

It seems that for Anastasia kvitko Like other famous social media celebrities, the job of showing off their figures through photos or videos on Instagram has become an easy task.

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This time we will show you a photo in which this beauty appears with one of the smallest beach swimsuits I have ever used, this seems to be made up of only a few threads.

Although you can only see the back of Kvitko, it is quite a show for her followers to see her show off a tremendous figure; The model was posing from inside the pool although we only see her thighs the landscape for her fans would be a delicacy.

The Russian model has also become an influencer in her country | Instagram anastasiya_kvitko

What his followers liked the most and that in fact they copied the image to share it on an Instagram account created in his honor, is that his enormous charms after being tanned give him a simply exquisite skin color.


The image was shared on September 2, 2021, however it would not be a surprise to know that this same photo could be found on the official account of Anastasia kvitko, who today has 1,068 posts so far.

As for the number of followers, this has not changed for a long time, leaving with the figure of 12.2 million followers in the application, the number of people that she follows is 259.

Kvitko hasn’t shared new content for six days, but just a few minutes ago she decided to surprise her fans with a casual look where she enjoyed a delicious drink.

Usually when promoting Bang Energy, the model usually combines her outfit with the design of the can that she will promote, as happened with this publication.

Apparently she has always been a young woman who is on the lookout for details, especially when it comes to promoting and advertising on the Internet.

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