Alicia Machado reveals her secret formula to win a reality show

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Alicia Machado continues to enjoy her triumph by crowning herself as the winner of the reality show La Casa de los Famosos (Telemundo). Recently, the former Miss Universe was a guest on the set of the reality show “Por Amor o por Dinero”, in which 16 singles live isolated in a tropical oasis.

The 45-year-old Venezuelan radiant arrived at the idyllic facilities, where she shared wise advice to be able to perform well in this program format.

The participants listened carefully to every word of the beauty queen who at this point is a true mentor for those who want to follow in her footsteps and become a reality show triumph.

“Life is a tough competition, life is a tough competition. Everything is condensed inside here, here we see the realities of life: the good people, the conflictive, the entangling, the flirtatious, the envious, the positive (…) that’s life. Life is a rainbow of different personalities and different things, and that’s what you have to do, try to enjoy life, “she said, convinced.

One of the aspects that Machado highlighted the most was the importance of being authentic. “It is proven that being yourself, with your values, with your principles, with your loyalty can be won fairly,” he added, alluding to his sweeping triumph.

According to the Venezuelan, it is essential to use intelligence to generate strategies. “In the end, the road is a game and here the strategy, the cunning, is the one that will have the last word so that they continue to compete,” he added.

With the confidence and rudeness that characterize her, Machado referred to what people who watch television really want to see. “There is something called ethics, and I believe that this type of program is won with many values. Families want to see people with values ​​”, he emphasized.

The host’s wise words elicited a positive reaction from her more than 1.8 million followers. “Where you stand you shine, incredible everything you say, good advice”, “Incredible, you always captivate us with your presence”, and “They put our Alicia to raise the rating … because Alicia is famous and adored. She is, ”were some of the flattering comments they wrote to her.

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