Alessandra Rosaldo got ANGRY with Eugenio Derbez for GUILT of this episode of ‘La Familia P. Luche’

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Today, Eugenio Derbez is one of the highest representatives of Mexican origin within the ranks of cinema in Hollywood, as he has internationalized his career alongside the elite of the big screen.

However, the road has not been easy enough, as Derbez’s career has been one of the most successful, since its beginnings were in 2002, when he opted for the comedy program, “XH DRBZ”.

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Within it, one of the ideas that have marked a before and after within the Mexican comedy was born, as it has triumphed in countries of the whole world, and it is “The P. Luche family”.

The show was premiered independently and had as protagonists Eugenio Derbez, Consuelo Duval, Regina Blandón, Miguel Pérez and Luis Manuel Avila.

“The P. Luche family” lasted 10 years, where international figures such as Danna Paola, Vicente Fox, Luis Gerardo Méndez and more participated.

To this day, the comedy show remains a favorite of millions of people around the world, but one such show has raised the ire of his wife, Alessandra Rosaldo.

Eugenio Derbez publishes his wife’s anger at “The P. Luche family”

It is worth mentioning that the couple got married in 2012 in Mexico City, in a beautiful wedding broadcast on open television and until today it is one of the favorites of the public.

Since then, both actors have decided to settle in Los Angeles, California, along with their daughter Aitana, who has grown up surrounded by the fame of her parents and siblings.

However, the actor decided to share an anecdote during the program “With permission”, by Pepillo Origel and Martha Figueroa, where they talked about the glory days of “La Familia P. Luche”.

The comedian took a moment to share how the comedy show continues to be one of the top programs in Mexico: “What happens is that it is based on real anecdotes from all the writers and myself,” said the comedian.

During the talk, Derbez shared that some chapters were written thinking about her relationship with Alessandra, and she herself reacted to some scenes and even claimed her husband.

“One day Ale is going to see a chapter of La Familia P. Luche, we are recording, I told him: ‘come on the forum to visit me,'” the story began.

Immediately, Derbez remembered that this script was written by an argument he had with the mother of his youngest daughter and Rosaldo’s reaction was not what he expected.

“Everyone laughed and when I arrived with her, I said: ‘How are you? Isn’t it funny? ‘”Added Eugenio. “He (Alessandra) told me: ‘That scene is a discussion that you and I had five months ago.’

Aislinn’s father, Vadhir and José Eduardo Derbez had only to accept and only limited himself to answering: “I shot her,” said the dubbing actor.

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