Aleida Núñez without anything, covers her charms with her hands

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Aleida Núñez on the beach leaves her flirty swimsuit outside | Instagram

With a flirty image where the Mexican actress Aleida Nunez appeared showing off part of his silhouette from the beach, he decided to leave his Swimwear sideways covering her huge charms her fans surely sighed the moment they saw her.

Constantly the model, actress and businesswoman born in Lagos de Morelos, Jalisco delights the pupil with her fascinating publications, especially when she shows off her silhouette in beach swimsuits or, failing that, when she lacks them, as in the main photo of this note.

Aleida Núñez’s fans are constantly aware of the content she shares on her social networks, which we can see in a Photo that they themselves shared on an Instagram account dedicated to her and other celebrities who, like her, are flirtatious and eye-catching.

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This photograph was shared on December 9, 2021, the only thing she is wearing is a pair of dark glasses that reflect a nice dark blue tone, the landscape behind the businesswoman is the beach although it is barely noticeable since the image in the background is a little out of focus.

Aleida Núñez melts hearts when posing in her photos | Instagram aleidanunez

Curiously, in the snapshot Aleida left her charms apparently “free”, had it not been for her hands that were covering them, her followers would have been more than delighted to see her.

If this had been possible, it is very likely that the application itself would have eliminated the publication, because there are certain restrictions when publishing certain content.


How beautiful you are, cute doll “,” You are like a buffet, you have everything and very tasty, “some fans commented.

This is not the first time Aleida Nunez melts several hearts and attracts the eyes of thousands of Internet users, although it is certain that she herself has not published this image on her Instagram feed.

This because despite being flirtatious, she is not usually so daring when it comes to publishing content, she takes great care of what she shares, surely the photo that also does not look so current, in one where she appeared in a magazine or, failing that, she shared it in their stories.

Since Instagram stories are precisely deleted after 24 hours have passed since their publication, in the event that they wish to delete them before, this movement can also be made, by the person who published them.

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