Aleida Núñez captive in silk robe showing off her legs

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Aleida Núñez boasts shapely legs in a silk robe | Instagram

Continuing her impressive journey from the Middle East, flirtatious actress Aleida Núñez has once again shown us revealing content, showing off her legs with a silk robe It covers very little so it makes her look more than flirtatious.

For this successful businesswoman and entertainment star, Instagram has become an important part of her life, especially since it is becoming more and more popular in the application, nowadays Aleida Nunez It has 3.5 million followers, a figure that continues to grow steadily.

Currently the actress of La Fea Más Bella is enjoying Cappadocia, just a day ago she arrived at that place and from the moment she did so she began to share the benefits and spectacular landscapes that the place offers.

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In one of his most recent publications at the moment, he is showing us part of his room which looks like a fairy tale, this because the furniture in addition to being old looks like something out of a Disney movie.

Aleida Núñez continues to enjoy her trip to the Middle East | Instagram aleidanunez

Aleida is sitting on one of the footboards in her room, what she did was put on a long silk robe, she enjoyed the comfort of the footboard and with her legs that became the protagonists of the image, they ended up showing off.

This is because her robe is slightly open, so her shapely legs were exposed, one of them is above the foot of the bed, so both were a little exposed, surely the beautiful actress Aleida Nunez She was more than ready to go to sleep, but not before showing off her room.

In his publication he limited himself to saying that he loved Cappadocia, although we have not seen much of the place, we will have to trust the good judgment and taste of the businesswoman who apparently has been hypnotized.

For this flirty Internet personality, having started the new year in a place other than her native Mexico was a different way to start the year on the right foot, enjoying the beauty of all these places she has visited, ready to go. working once you return to your country.

As for her followers, they are more than delighted to see her posts, some of them stating that they love to wait to see her new content on Instagram, flirty and successful is the perfect mix for Núñez.

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