Adamari López, when doing a little exercise, attracts glances

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Adamari López attracts glances when doing a little exercise | Instagram

The host and actress Adamari López has shown us a flirtatious physical change for a couple of months, in a video who shared appears doing a little exercise stealing the glances of his followers.

Undoubtedly, this flirtatious host of Un Nuevo Día shared decided to start the year with the most positive attitude, as proof of this in several of her publications this January, where she is very entertaining and comical.

With a touch more than nice is like Adamari Lopez He has dedicated himself to sharing content precisely on his official Instagram account, where he published this entertaining video.

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López was wearing a sports outfit that immediately attracted attention, not because of the design it was rather because of the colors, it had an animal print in blue.

The beautiful driver Adamari López has surprised us all with her impressive physical change | Instagram adamarilopez

While he was carrying a pair of dumbbells, he raised and lowered them with great ease, it could be a sign that his physical change has indeed been thanks to the perseverance and discipline at the time of exercising, that is why he also attracts the eye from the public immediately.

Once the camera zooms in on the Puerto Rican-born host like Chayanne, Daddy Yankee and Ricky Martin, it begins to say prerecorded audio.

If the mountain does not go to Muhammad, ps Mahona is not going to be begging him, because I am looking for a pinch3 mountain and now, even if you were the only mountain, it is more me or pinch3s Muhammad my name is “, said Adamari López.


“Moving mountains!” It was the description that he shared in the publication, which has more than 86 thousand reproductions in 10 hours from its publication, we also found 2,305 comments in total.

What their fans thought

Some netizens, as expected, immediately began to support her and tell her that she looked the best, but they also asked her not to lose weight, because she looked extremely thin.

Others simply dedicated themselves to criticizing her, pending any detail that could be highlighted to make her feel bad, curiously the bad comments for Adamari Lopez They no longer affect her because she has decided that they are only comments and that’s it.

Being positive and taking only the good things that Internet users, family and friends offer her, Adamari seems not to be bothered by all the negative things that have happened to her, she has become an expert in ignoring and simply being grateful.

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