Adamari López sweeps the gym with her exercise routine

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Adamari López sweeps her exercise routine at the gym | Instagram

The Puerto Rican host and actress Adamari López has conquered her fans, thanks to her new physical appearance, as a result of her work outTherefore, in some videos, he definitely swept everything by shaping his figure.

Since her separation and divorce from Toni Costa, ex-husband and father of her daughter Alaïa, being one of the favorite hosts of the Un Nuevo Día program, she had found herself slightly gaining weight due to her illness and some medications she had taken.

Fortunately today Adamari Lopez He is in perfect health, a lot has had to do with exercise and his constant assistance in the Gym as you can see in some videos that he shared on his Instagram stories.

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There were four videos where she shows us just a bit of her routine that may be daily, she is surely proud of the physical changes she has had over these months, and even emotional because in her feed she looks very happy , happy and positive.

Adamari López has impressed everyone with her radical physical change | Instagram adamarilopez

As expected, her fans are supporting her as always, making her feel that everything she has done is very good, and they will surely continue to support her, although some of them would like her to stop losing weight because she looks very thin.

In her videos, she is using some sports equipment, one of them is to perform sit-ups while lying on her stomach, holding her feet with a pair of rubber bands from the same device while carefully lowering herself and crossing her hands on her chest.

In the second exercise Adamari Lopez He is loading a bar without any weight, although the bar has some weight so it also counts, this to exercise his arms.

The third exercise you performed could be considered a simple burpee style, this consists of doing a push-up, and carefully rising backwards with your hands holding you on the floor, you get up and down again in the same place and stretch into a position lizard and do one again.

In the original exercise, when you get to the top, you would have to take a small jump and do the same exercise again, perhaps the driver is new to doing this type of exercise that requires a lot of resistance and strength in the arms and abdomen.

To finish and as a way to relax the muscles a bit Adamari was doing a bit of elliptical, to finish stretching the muscles and finish with his routine.

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