Adamari López, did you have a DIAPER? They attack a driver by accident with a sanitary napkin: VIDEO

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Do youAdamari Lopez put on diaper? It turns out that toxic fans they started attacking the conductive and all due to an accident with a sanitary napkin that according to them saw Still for under your sportswear; something very natural like protection during the menstrual cycle that for years have used to mock and humiliate women.

Their fans more intense tried to ridicule Adamari Lopez in one of the recordings in which presumably the sanitary towel, the comments went from praise his figure to attack her and even raise the offenses to a very rude level; between the comments you could read.

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“Put on Pampers (brand of diapers) “,” Leave the diapers, you should be ashamed to show it “,” Really who recorded the video or is it that she did not notice that. You have to be more aware of the details … it happened to me because I was in a hurry “.

“People comment on what they see and I saw the same something in their crotches or it is in their days” (sic), you can read among the offensive comments.

Here are the screenshots showing the cruelty of the attacks:

Comments against Adamari López in social networks PHOTO Screenshot IG adamarilopez

Adamari López suffers attack on social networks PHOTO IG adamarilopez

?? ‘The neighborhood’ protects Adamari López?

The teasing with fury and even hurtful echoed in the comments of Adamari Lopez; However, as that viralized meme for years would say “the neighborhood supports her” and is that his fans of red bone began to face such absurd ridicule and some even gave class lectures to respond to the haters.

“By God, how stupid all those comments”, “Do you not work? They even get into the period of the little girl”,

“Shame on those comments, if you notice that I hope someone can clean the cobwebs from their heads”, “What a shame all these people, when there is hatred in their souls”, you can read in defense of Adamari.

Adamari López, her fans to defend PHOTO IG adamarilopez

Why is making fun of Adamari López and her “accident” not right?

Adamari López is part of a large list of women who have suffered from this stigma that still “shocks” society and is that women feminine pads, tampons, menstrual cups; among other products should remove that myth of being a taboo.

In addition to making fun of a woman, famous or not, who shows the sanitary towel or that he had an accident and got stained only denotes a conduct immature, ignorant and even with misogyny roots. You have to start building empathy and stop making fun of episodes like this.

Another victim of this type of absurd teasing was Paty Navidad, a very controversial artist, who back in 2015 on the program Wake up America where he allegedly dropped a feminine towel. The moment became so viral that it has 7 million 395 thousand 240 views and thousands of comments, most of them mocking.

The moment was even mockery in memes and on the television itself.

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