Adamari López and Toni Costa TOGETHER again? A new VIDEO on Three Kings Day thrills its fans

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It has been several months since Adamari Lopez Y Toni Costa They announced their final separation after a relationship that lasted 10 long years. The couple saddened their millions of followers after breaking the news, so it is not uncommon for many to still have hopes of one. possible reconciliation.

Now a new video posted by both has awakened again the illusion of their fans to see them together again, because both the Puerto Rican driver and the Spanish dancer have shown that despite their differences, the two continue to maintain a beautiful family relationship united by their six-year-old little girl, Alaïa.

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Recently, Adamari and Toni caused a sensation by appearing together again in a recording they shared on networks. In it you can see how they enjoyed a evening full of laughter, anecdotes and moments of complicity next to his daughter.

And it turns out that the Puerto Rican presenter and the dancer decided to spend the Kings Day and they took the opportunity to record a video that they later posted on their Facebook account, which touched thousands of their followers.

In the images, Adamari López spoke about the time she lived in Mexico and how are the celebrations in the country during this day. Likewise, the driver explained that in Spain, Toni’s country of origin, this date is also celebrated.

“Hello, hello, my beautiful people. The rosca de reyes is a tradition that brings back beautiful memories of my time in Mexico and Toni Costa also celebrates it, in fact in Spain it is a very important day. I am very excited that Alaïa enjoys these traditions as a family. We had a lot of fun looking for the king and the bean. Who will have found them? ”, Adamari wrote.

Finally, the three of them savored the sweetness of a delicious rosca de reyes as a family, and in this case twice, as they decided to eat both versions: the Spanish rosca and the Mexican rosca.

Many of their fans were moved by this reunion and sent them messages of love and support:

“How good Ada that Toni is with you, he loves you, you are a beautiful family”, “May the child God do the miracle of bringing you back together as a family”, “What a blessing for Alaïa to have you together. That is to be parents”, were some of the comments they received.

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